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CHINA LAB 2023, Guangzhou International Analytical Testing and Laboratory Equipment Exhibition and Technical Seminar.More than thirty years of brand precipitation CHINA LAB has become a very representative of South China, the scale and specifications of the analytical testing field event for life sciences, pharmaceutical testing, food safety, environmental testing and other industries, the latest R & D and testing technology to provide a platform for exchange.

As an expert in laboratory safety protection and air purification, since the invention of ductless filtration technology in 1968, Erlab has always been committed to safety, energy saving and sustainability innovations for more than half a century, and has organized and participated in the development of authoritative standards for laboratory safety and ventilation globally. domestic laboratory personnel.

In order to comply with the direction of national intelligent development, standardize and lead the industry to a higher level of development, Erlab has a great responsibility! As early as 2014, we took the lead in putting forward the slogan of Simpler・Safer and successfully launched Smart technology, which realizes part of the IoT management and monitoring of the protective equipment through the self-developed eGuard software.

In order to actively respond to the call of “accelerating digital development and building a digital China” and based on the specific needs of the Chinese market, the Chinese R&D team has accelerated the pace of local innovation and production, and successfully launched the new product, Erlab intelligent Filtering Storage Cabinet, by integrating the application needs and operating habits of many domestic laboratory personnel.

Erlab continues to strengthen the professional depth to expand the market professional differentiation, still focusing on the fundamentals of the enterprise – R & D above, accelerate the innovation norms and lead the industry to a higher level of development, so that the product mix diversification to provide customers with multiple security.

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