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As a grand event for the pharmaceutical industry, the World Pharmaceutical Ingredients China Exhibition (CPHI) is a high-quality trading platform that promotes exchanges, cooperation and common development among industries, and promotes pharmaceutical companies to connect to the global market in a win-win competition.

As an expert in the field of laboratory air purification and safety protection, Erlab made a grand appearance in the CPHI laboratory instrument and equipment exhibition area as scheduled. We will use the latest research and development results to tailor safe, energy-saving, and sustainable green laboratory construction solutions for global pharmaceutical industry customers.

Erlab’s ductless filtration technology trap pollution at the source. Based on 55 years of R&D and manufacturing experience, product solutions such as filtering fume hoods, filtering weighing stations, air purifiers, and filtering storage cabinets can provide solutions for various environments where laboratory personnel are exposed to chemicals. Safe protection and clean breathing.

Customers from the pharmaceutical industry can experience the various products first-hand and learn about their wide range of applications in the laboratory. Erlab’s professional team will also provide on-site consulting services and customized solutions for laboratory air purification and safety protection according to customer needs. Thank you CPHI for bringing this grand event to the global pharmaceutical industry, Thanks to our customers for their love and support for Erlab, Erlab will continue to invest in improving products and services. Looking forward to seeing you at the next exhibition.

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