Erlab Instrument Enclosures.
Customized for lab requirement.
Suitable for automatic instrument operation.

Safe protection in lab equipped
with automatic instrument.

With the advent of the modular automation model, laboratory automation has become accessible to a wider range of laboratories.

More automation parts, unaltered demand on lab safety.

Erlab Filtering Instruments Enclosures offer solution to enhance the lab safety. With Hight efficient filters, they can trap the chemical vapors and powders released by automatic instrument.

The enclosure can be designed based on the automatic part dimensions. Even large automated instruments can be secured.

A range of advantages

Customized design

Apply to control chemical released by varies of lab instruments.


Meet EU standard AFNOR NFX 15-211 and DIN EN 1822. Control the chemical vapor and powder reducing leak.


Stackable filtration column, 4 filter type, optional HEPA filter.

Simplicity installation and operation

Enclosure is easy to install and simple to use by the sliding doors at the front and back.


Lab safety,
less chemical release.


Erlab customized instruments & automation filtering enclosures fit wide range of automatic instrument.

Erlab customized instruments & automation filtering enclosure is available in any sizes up to a length of 2,400 mm equipped with one or 2 filtration columns.

It adapted to any kind of instruments releasing chemical pollutants, such as:

  • Electrochemical Analyzer
  • Mass spectrometer
  • Thermal Analyzer
  • Gas chromatograph
  • HPLC
  • Ion chromatograph
  • Rotary evaporator
  • Reactors/flow chemistry systems for synthesis
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Trap pollutants released by automatic instruments.

Through filters on the top, Erlab customized instruments & automation filtering enclosures can control the chemical vapor and powder released by instrument or automation. The filters almost 100% capture and absorb pollutants.

Through 50 years of research, Erlab’s R&D department has developed the most powerful air and activated carbon filters in the world.

The filtration efficiencies comply with the requirements of AFNOR NFX 15-211 for chemical vapors and of the DIN EN 1822 for chemical powders.

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Divers filter choice protecting user. Fit the lab evolution.

Stackable filtration column(s) combine molecular filters (Main one and safety one for the filtration of gaseous chemicals) and optional HEPA H14 particulate filter for chemical powders.

When the main filter lifetime is end, no need to change two filters. Just replace it by safety filter and add anther filter above as new safety filter.

The enclosure can be moved easily later to follow the evolution of the lab. It can be installed on the existing bench or optional phenolic resin worktop.

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Equipment that is easy to install and simple to use.

Erlab customized instruments & automation filtering enclosure is made of high-quality aluminum metal bars coated with chemical resistant black epoxy resin paint.  Its dimensions are appropriate to the instrument and the space required.

It is delivered knocked down, easy and fast to assemble on site.  Connected to an electrical socket, it is immediately operational within few hours.

The user can work through sliding doors at the front and back. The door remains closed during operation of the instrument/automation inside.

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eguard 3 filtration et protection

The eGuard app.
The new tool for
your peace of mind.

Our filtering chemical fume hoods connect to your laptop with the help of the eGuard PC, developed by ERLAB, which allows you to easily monitor all your safety settings in real time.

Download the eGuard app for Erlab filtering chemical fume hoods