Tests prove it.
Erlab filtration is the most efficient solution for your laboratory.

All devices produced by ERLAB pass the test to validate their performance and guarantee their compliance with the strictest standards.

Every day, ERLAB’s research team carries out self-certification tests in a laboratory that is unique in the world.

It also organizes third party tests by calling on the best experts, specialized in the measurement, study and consulting of ventilation and aeraulic installations (Intertek, Airflux Concept, ..).

The figures speak for ERLAB. Access the products tests reports by downloading them or by receiving our publications.


Afnor NF-X 15-211. The most demanding standard to the world for recirculating fume hoods.

Mandated by AFNOR, the Union de Normalisation Mécanique (UNM), composed of a college of experts in ventilation, public bodies, members of professional unions, has established the standard AFNOR NF X 15-211: 2009.

This standard applies to fume hoods (also known as recirculating fume hoods or ETRAFs) designed for all laboratories in which chemical agents subject to an occupational exposure limit value (OELV) are handled.

This standard requires performance criteria related to filtration efficiency, enclosure containment efficiency, face velocity and documentation.

Filtration efficiency.

It refers to the capacity of the filter to retain the harmful molecules handled in the enclosure and guarantees the quality of the air recirculated downstream of the filter.

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Filtering fume hoods
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The effectiveness of enclosure containment.

It defines the capacity of the fume hood to maintain the vapors or particles in the enclosure without them being able to disperse in the laboratory environment.

Air Velocity.

It refers to the ability of the fume hood to create a dynamic barrier between the manipulator and the handling. For fixed front filtration hoods, the front air velocity at any point of the openings must be between 0.4 and 0.6 m/s. Fume hoods must also be equipped with a continuous ventilation monitoring device.

Documentation: « The Chemical Listing ».

Filtration fume hoods must be accompanied by a booklet containing an exhaustive list of the chemical agents, that the manufacturer certifies, can be handled in the fume hood under the conditions described in standard NF X 15-211: 2009, indicating for each of them :

  • The name of the chemical agent, its formula, its CAS number, its boiling point, its molecular weight, its vapor pressure, etc.
  • The reference of the adapted filter and its retention capacity in accordance with the NF X 15-211 standard
  • The type of air quality monitoring recommended to control filter efficiency
  • The name of the test laboratory that performed the type test.

The result of 50 years of research and development related to filtration technologies, this vademecum is a testament to ERLAB’s expertise in molecular and particulate filtration.

In compliance with the AFNOR NF X 15-211: 2009 standard, this document, delivered with each fume hood, includes an exhaustive list of the chemical agents, that Erlab certifies, can be handled in the safest possible conditions.


Erlab products meet the most demanding international standards.

ERLAB is the inventor and world leader in laboratory chemical filtration products without connection.

Its over 50 years of research and development related to filtration technologies allow Erlab to guarantee perfect safety for all its devices that meet the following international standards:


BS 7989


AFNOR NF X 15-211: 2009


ANSI/AIHA Z9.5 / ASHRAE 110: 1995


DIN 12927

Receive tests for standards other than Afnor.


Validation certificate.
Erlab vouches for your security and puts it in writing.

ERLAB does not provide a fume hood to its customers without having verified that it is adapted to the chemical product handling they wish to use.

These specific manipulations are analysed by our high-qualified technicians, in its internal test laboratory. Before equipping a laboratory, we determine whether the manipulations it wishes to perform can be carried out safely with a fume hood and one of the filters from our range.

If this is the case, ERLAB also indicates to its customers the most efficient type of filter required, its lifetime and the best method for detecting its saturation.


Unique in the world, Erlab's laboratory, guarantor of respect standards.

Because its objective is to be and remain the best partner in the world to preserve your safety, ERLAB is constantly investing in its state-of-the-art laboratory and research teams.

Our engineers and chemists are all seasoned experts in molecular filtration. The ERLAB laboratory gives them access to sophisticated analytical equipment to carry out the hundreds of tests required to comply with standards and also allows them to determine and optimize the retention capacity of filters.

We continually monitors the safety of its products, constantly improves the quality and technologies used, and constantly develops new products that offer enhanced protection for laboratory personnel.