With 54 years of experience and research in the market, Erlab is continuously innovating to ensure the safety and protection of laboratory personnel.

Configuration colonne de filtration


Flex technology is a combination of both molecular and particulate filtration technologies. It allows one single device to meet any laboratory protection needs.

Designed with one-size-fits-all filter cartridges and vertical stacking, the modular filtration column is a major innovation of Flex technology.

A single device can be reconfigured over time and easily reassigned to other applications.

Advantages of Flex technology:


Configuration of one single device.


Flex technology adapts to the laboratory environment and protection needs.


A single device can be reconfigured over time and easily reassigned to other applications.


The filtration configuration depends on the handlings carried out. As a modular design, it allows a single device to meet any protection needs.The module can have between one and four filtration columns (for filtering fume hoods). In addition, it can include an overactivated carbon filter and/or a high efficiency particulate air filter (HEPA). The HEPA filter guarantees a minimum overall filtration efficiency of 99.995% for particles larger than 0,1 µm. Finally, a fan with low energy consumption and minimal noise levels is integrated in the filtration column.

The range of Erlab filter columns.

Pictogramme carbone

Carbon filter

Carbon Filter Module Carbon overactivated. Exceptional adsorption properties.
picto hepa

HEPA filter

HEPA Particle Filter Module High efficiency filtration of particles in the air. It guarantees an overall filtration efficiency equal to 99.995% (of particles larger than 0.1 micron) according to the MPPS method of standard EN 1822-1.
picto ventilateur


Fan module
Ventilation control.
Low energy consumption.
Reduced sound level.

Class 1

Maximum safety guaranteed by the AFNOR NF X15-211:2009 standard.