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Erlab participated in the 20th BCEIA (Beijing Conference and Exhibition on Analytical Testing). The theme of the conference was “Analytical Science Creating the Future”, which centered on the development concept of “Life, Living, Health – Facing the Green Future”, and attracted experts in the field of analysis and testing from all over the world, The conference attracted experts, scholars, instrument manufacturers and professional users from the field of analysis and testing from all over the world.

For 55 years, Erlab has been committed to the research development and innovation of filtration technology to trap pollution at the source. Protect the laboratory inside while protecting the environment outside to create an exhaust-free, energy-saving, green laboratory. In this exhibition, Erlab shows filtering fume hoods, filtering storage cabinets, Halo air purifier, Instrument Enclosures and other products.

This year’s exhibition Erlab adopts a new 360-degree surrounded open design, presenting a simple ecosystem solution for future laboratory air purification, reflecting Erlab’s history of ductless research and development and the future direction of the development of professional standards.

Through the on-site consultation and answer, synchronized live broadcast on the network platform, we will have in-depth communication and interaction with users and partners, and jointly promote the improvement and upgrading of the laboratory environment, and create a zero-emission green laboratory.

New Product Review

Halo Laboratory Air Purifier

Filtration of Gas, Viral and Bacterial Pollutants

Installed on the ceiling, it purifies laboratory air or other rooms from pollutants at the source, ensuring air quality while being able to reduce the minimum number of air changes, saving energy and costs.

Instrument Enclosures

Customized design for various large-scale automated instrument operations

“Life Lives Health – Facing the Green Future”, Erlab BCEIA exhibition ends successfully. Erlab will continue to innovate and breakthrough technology, to purify laboratory air and protect the outdoor environment, to provide users with better service. Thanks again for the support and trust of our customers and partners.

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