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Erlab CEO visited China with the French President and signed a major agreement

On April 7, French President Macron concluded a three-day visit to China. This move released a positive signal of the warming of Sino-French trade cooperation and marked the entry of a new era in Sino-French relations.

As an industry representative in the field of sustainable building air purification and safety protection, Erlab® Group CEO Stephane Hauville and more than 60 heads of French representative companies accompanied the visit. During the visit, the National Building Standards Atlas Project was signed with the China Building Standards Design Institute. Cooperation agreement, this cooperation is of great significance to the internationalization of standards, and at the same time, it will promote the economic and trade cooperation between China and France to heat up again, and jointly create a new future for cooperation between the enterprises of the two countries.

On the occasion of Macron’s state visit, a “Green Transformation Networking Luncheon” was held at the residence of the French Embassy in Beijing on April 6. Stephane Hauville, CEO of Erlab® Group, attended the luncheon together with the French President and other executives and experts from Chinese and French companies to discuss the opportunities for cooperation in the field of green and low carbon between China and France, and to explore the prospects and opportunities for green transformation. They also discussed the prospects and opportunities of green transformation and turned green responsibility into the endogenous driving force of enterprise cooperation.

On the same day, the fifth meeting of the China-France Entrepreneurship Committee was held in the Great Hall of the People, and Stephane Hauville, CEO of ERLAB®, attended the meeting with Macron. Under the witness of Chinese Minister of Commerce Wang Wentao and French Minister of Economy and Finance Lemaire, the cooperation agreement on the National Architectural Standard Atlas project was signed between the ERLAB® Group and the China Academy of Building Standard Design and Research (CABSDR), which is an important step for the standardization work to be driven by domestic and international standards. The signing of the agreement is important for the transformation of standardization work from domestically driven to domestic and international mutual promotion, and the transformation of standardization development from quantitative to qualitative and effective, and is also of great significance for the internationalization of standards.

Stephane Hauville, CEO of Erlab Group, and Li Cundong, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Standard Institute, attended the signing ceremony. In the afternoon, at the Great Hall of the People, Chinese Minister of Commerce Wang Wentao met with Erlab along with other related companies. In the evening, Stephane Hauville, CEO of Erlab®, also attended a state dinner in honor of President Macron.

Standard-setter in the industry, Erlab® builds a brand moat with its technology and products.

Accompanying the President on his visit reflects the importance that Erlab® attaches to the Chinese market, and more importantly, highlights Erlab®’s benchmark position in the industry. Founded in 1968, Erlab® has been focusing on the research and development of ductless filtration technology for 54 years, purifying air pollution from the source to protect experimental personnel, and committing itself to safety, energy saving and sustainable innovation. It has a high reputation in related fields, and even organizes and participates in the preparation and revision of standards globally (such as AFNOR NFX15-211:2009 in France, JG/T385-2012 in China, National Standard Atlas 22K523, ANSI/ASSP Z9.5 in North America, NFPA 45 and CSA W316.5, etc.), and serves as the president of ISO TC336 International standardization of the president of ISO TC336 international standardization, and cannot play the role of a good standard setter without the deep accumulation of technology and products.

Erlab® is known for its safety, patented filtration technology that leads the industry in ductless air purification, adsorption of more than 700 common chemicals and continuous research and development breakthroughs. The adsorption capacity of the filter is superior to other technologies in the market, and there is no risk of desorption in environments below 180 degrees Celsius, which meets the common requirements of laboratories at home and abroad.

Erlab® sets a global benchmark by practicing green sustainability

As the world enters a phase of low-carbon, green and sustainable development, Erlab® filtration technology and filtering fume hoods have a new mission. Laboratories are reported to consume 5 to 10 times more energy than an average office building and generate an alarming amount of plastic waste and hazardous chemicals, with a single external fume hood using as much energy as 3.5 houses. Erlab® filtration technology and products are designed with energy efficiency and environmental protection in mind. Through continuous research and development, we have been able to save more than 90% of the energy used in ventilation without polluting the environment, thus successfully contributing to the construction of green “zero-energy” laboratories.

Erlab® Ductless Filtration Technology also serves as a green technology for global ecological protection, providing safe, flexible and sustainable solutions for laboratories in a wider range of industries such as government, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, and research institutes. Its significant advantages in environmental friendliness and resource conservation have also been officially certified, entering the World Intellectual Property Organization’s WIPO Green Technology Database; products have been awarded LEED energy-saving certification; invited to participate in China’s Green Building Standards Development Summit; and participated in the Green Transformation Networking Luncheon during the visit, continuing to export positive impacts in the field of green and sustainable development. In the field of green sustainability, the company continues to export positive influence. From building a technology and product moat to an industry model, Erlab® is leading the industry to transition to a low-carbon future, one step at a time.

This time, the CEO of Erlab®, Stephane Hauville, accompanied the President on his visit, participated in the signing ceremony of the fifth meeting of the China-France Entrepreneurship Committee, met with the Chinese Minister of Commerce and attended the state banquet in the Great Hall of the People, which revealed the core position and influence of Erlab® Group in the relevant fields. During this exchange, Erlab® has also improved its understanding of the Chinese market environment, made progress in researching standards and construction practices for buildings and laboratories, and will contribute to the green transformation process in China, opening up new horizons for further deepening the cooperation between the two countries’ enterprises and increasing their investment in China in the future.

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