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_Erlab filtering fume hoods | Precautions for Use

ERLAB filtering fume hoods are one of the main safety equipment in laboratories, their role is to control the toxic and harmful gases generated in the experimental process and filter them to avoid the risk of chemical inhalation and to protect the safety and health of chemists. To continue to ensure the safety of personnel in the experimental process, we must correctly and standardize the use of Erlab fume hoods.

Before experimental operation in filtering fume hoods

  • Verify that the filter life is within the validity period (verify with eValipass).
  • Confirm that there are no changes in the range of chemicals needed for the experiment, and if there are, please contact Erlab for an exclusive free lifetime safety assessment.
  • Ensure that the acrylic panel of the fume hood is clean and unobstructed to ensure a clear view of the interior of the cabinet.
  • If large instruments are to be placed inside the fume hood, it is necessary to place the instruments 4cm or higher and 15cm away from the front door to ensure a stable and unobstructed airflow inside the fume hood.

During Experimental Operation in filtering fume hoods

  • After the fan is started, start moving in the chemicals required for the experiment.
  • To ensure that the air velocity at the face of the clean-air fume hood is within the range of 0.4m/s-0.6m/s, lower the front door and keep it closed, or keep it closed if it is a Reverso sash.
  • Reagents should be taken out as they are used to minimize evaporation and prolong service life.
  • Do not move the ductless fume hood and do not probe your head into the hood.

After the experiment in filtering fume hoods

  • It is necessary to organize and clean the experimental utensils and tabletop with the fan running.
  • Please empty the reagent bottles in the fume hood and store them in the filtering storage cabinet.
  • After finishing organizing and cleaning, keep the fan running for another 10~15 minutes and then turn it off.
  • Check to make sure that all water, electricity, gas and power are turned off inside the fume hood, and lower the front door panel to the lowest position before leaving.

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