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As an international group of companies, Erlab has been participating in Analytica Germany since 1984, and it is also the first exhibition Erlab participated in when it entered China in 2004, which laid the foundation for us to develop the market in Europe, Asia, especially China.

Since the invention of the ductless filtering fume hood in 1968, Erlab has always focused on the development of filtration technologies that clean laboratory air pollution at its source, and is committed to innovations in safety, energy efficiency and sustainability.

Based on 55 years of achievements, we are able to provide Erlab’s Chemical Filtration Ecosystem solution, full life cycle chemical safety protection for existing laboratories, as well as safety and energy saving solutions for new renovation project works. In addition to letting the exhibitors feel and experience the products in an immersive environment, the on-site staff of Erlab also demonstrated the operation method and case introduction of various instruments, provided on-site consulting services, and customized laboratory air purification and safety protection solutions according to different needs.

The three-day trip to Analytica ended successfully, and Erlab demonstrated its strength in the field of ductless filtration technology. In the future, Erlab will continue to provide better products and services to global users and make greater contributions to the protection of laboratory environment and personnel safety.

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