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On the occasion of the state visit of French President Emmanuel Macron to China, Stephane Hauville, CEO of the Erlab® Group, accompanied the delegation as a corporate representative.

On April 6th, a “Green Transformation Networking Luncheon” was held at the residence of the French Embassy in Beijing, where Stephane Hauville, CEO of Erlab® Group, the President of France, and executives and experts from six other companies attended to discuss the opportunities for cooperation between China and France in the field of green and low carbon.

Erlab Group and China Academy of Building Standard Design and Research signed a cooperation agreement on the national building standard atlas project. The signing of the agreement plays an important role in the transformation of standardization work from domestic drive to domestic and international mutual promotion, and the transformation of standardization development from quantitative scale to quality and efficiency, and this cooperation is of great significance for the internationalization of standards!

Established in 1968, Erlab® Group has been focusing on the research and development of ductless filtration technology for 55 years, trap pollution at the source to protect chemists, and committing itself to safety, energy saving and sustainable innovation. It has a high reputation in the related fields, and even organizes and participates in the preparation and revision of standards globally (e.g. AFNOR NFX15-211:2009 in France, JG/T385-2012 in China, National Standard Atlas 22K523, ANSI/ASSP Z9.5, NFPA 45 and CSA W316.5 in North America, etc.), and serves as the president of the newly-established ISO TC336 international standardization of the president, leading and regulating the industry higher level of professional development.

Erlab’s ductless filtration technology also serves as a green technology for global ecological protection, protecting laboratory personnel, chemical operations, and the environment. It provides safe, flexible and sustainable solutions for laboratories in government, chemical, pharmaceutical, hospitals, research institutes and other industries, successfully contributing to the construction of “zero-energy” laboratories and carbon neutrality and carbon peaking!

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