Erlab class 2 biological hoods for robot and flow cytometer.
Protect your robotic equipment, your staff and your environment.

The reference in biological containment for your large equipment

The H.Box biological safety cabinets are class II laminar flow hoods designed to protect your large-scale installations and manipulations.
These hoods can accommodate all types of robots and flow cytometers for safe and protected handling, thanks to a wide choice of models:

  • Pipetting robot;
  • Cell culture robot;
  • Sequencing robot;
  • Automated platforms;
  • 3D printers;
  • Cell sorters.

The benefits of the range


Class 2 biological hoods promote energy savings thanks to low-energy LED lighting.


High-quality filtration enhances personnel safety and handling protection.


Its design facilitates access to the equipment for adjustments and safe maintenance: vertically sliding side windows, front access hatch, sliding work surface.


These devices feature a touch screen for simple, intuitive operation. The home screen displays the flow speed, alarms and gives access to other applications.


Guaranteed safety for your large equipment.


A filtration quality that meets current standards.

The H.Box safety enclosures are class 2 laminar flow hoods, designed based on a safety cabinet that conforms to standard EN 12469:2000. They ensure the biological containment of large equipment, and the protection of the handler and the environment.

The H.Box is equipped with a unique, highly efficient ventilation system: filtered air ventilation in the chamber and a second total extraction ventilation system, with no air recirculation, creating a very powerful air barrier for maximum operator safety.

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Achieve savings and increase laboratory productivity.

Since its creation, Erlab has been committed to designing and producing its products sustainably. Class 2 biological hoods feature LED lighting for low energy consumption.

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Absolute protection against cross-contamination risks.

G4 pre-filters are installed upstream of the downflow absolute filter. These pre-filters can be easily replaced by users.

An H14 absolute filtration system eliminates particles from the ambient air before it is blown into the workspace. The laminar airflow protects the samples being handled against cross contamination.

A HEPA H14 extraction filter eliminates particles before extraction into the laboratory, guaranteeing optimum protection for the operator and the environment.

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Erlab offers the most advanced filtration system in the world.

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Une interface simple et intuitive

Pour piloter la hotte en toute simplicité une interface par écran tactile est accessible. Elle permet aux opérateurs d’être informés, continuellement, du bon fonctionnement de l’appareil.

Une performance de filtration accrue

Le filtre de soufflage élimine les particules de l’air ambiant avant soufflage dans le volume de travail protégeant ainsi les échantillons manipulés contre les risques de contamination croisée. Le filtre d’extraction élimine les particules avant extraction dans le laboratoire.

La vitre de façade

L’ouverture totale de la vitre de façade, assistée par vérin, offre un accès complet à l’appareil hébergé pour les opérations de maintenance.

Plan de travail en aluminium

Équipé de traverses de renfort pour éviter quelconque vibration, le plan de travail est prévu pour supporter une charge de 750 kg.


A sustainable solution contributing to waste management.

Erlab is committed to an environmentally responsible approach and is taking steps to minimize its energy consumption, optimize its waste management, and promote a culture of sustainability within the company.

The range of Erlab class 2 biological hoods


Width (mm)

Depth (mm)

Height (mm)

Air flow rate (m3 /h)

Internal lighting (Lux)






> 750






> 750

* To be defined according to your need

The range of Erlab class 2 biological hoods

H.Box Robot

W : *
D : *
H : *


H.Box Cyto

W : *
D : *
H : *


* To be defined according to your need