Unrivaled protection.

Zero fumes inside. Zero emissions outside.
Uninterrupted detection, controlled remotely
For pure air, inside and out.

Chemical handlings

Toxic gases, particles, and CMR substances are instantly drawn into the filters at the top of the fume hood. This is ERLAB ABOVE technology. Stay focused on the task at hand and be assured that you, your research and environment are protected through the power of Erlab Above.

Chemical storage

Keep your liquid or gaseous chemicals close at hand! Storage furniture fitted with Erlab filtration removes any inhalation or fire hazards. With no external connections, they prevent any release of pollutants into the laboratory or the atmosphere.

Protecting applications

Equipped with a high-efficiency filtration system, the filtration clean air enclosures developed by Erlab are designed to protect sensitive biological applications against environmental pollution and cross-contamination. Protect your workstations from all particulate matter.
Les hottes biologiques 321

Protecting research

Opening suspicious packages, taking samples on site, revealing fingerprints, and more. The portable glove bag, developed by Erlab, is a high-quality, multi-function enclosure. Assembled quickly, it allows you to carry out your handling operations anywhere, sheltered from dust and humidity.

Integration technology for fume extraction hoods

Put an end to energy-inefficient and polluting fume hoods! The most advanced filtration technology in the world suits a variety of existing systems and most handling operations. Take advantage of the services offered by our network of integration partners to provide the best protection for your researchers, while saving money, and helping the environment.
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Air pollution control

HALO is a range of smart devices for maintaining air quality. By constantly filtering the ambient air, they reduce the need for a fresh air supply and the huge energy consumption that comes with it. Equipped with the SMART system, they allow you to monitor the quality of the air you are breathing. Solutions that boost safety while keeping operating costs down.

Replacement filters

For 50 years, Erlab has been advancing filtration technology. The filters in your filtering fume hood, fume cupboard or storage cabinet are vital
for ensuring your protection. They must be replaced regularly according to the schedule established when reviewing your ValiQuest applications.
Quick and simple, you can get any filter for any model of fume hood on our site www.filters.erlab.com in just a few clicks.
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