Halo C Smart.
An effective
Air purification system
For toxic chemical

Air decontamination

Halo C Smart air purification systems capture chemical emissions at the source
and permanently lock them in an ultra-high-efficiency activated carbon filter. To achieve this, Erlab has developed the world’s most powerful activated carbon.

Originally developed to capture hazardous chemical emissions produced by chemical laboratory experiments, Halo C Smart purification systems are recommended for all businesses, workshops, or offices concerned about ensuring excellent air quality for their customers and employees. .

Compliant with the NF X 15-211 safety standard for laboratories, they ensure comprehensive molecular filtration of a wide variety of atmospheric pollutants, including VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), which can threaten the health of all occupants..

Halo C Smart VOC is recommended for air treatment in many spaces


Printing companies, auto repair shops, painting facilities, jewelers, painting restoration, etc.


Laundromats, shoe repair stores, etc.


Analytical laboratories, pharmacy preparations, culinary, etc.

Medical premises

Medical practices, clinics, dental practices, etc.

Detection and filtration of VOCs

(Volatile Organic Compounds)

Volatile organic compounds – or VOCs – comprise a variety of substances of both natural and human origin. The most well-known are butane, toluene, ethanol (90% alcohol), acetone and benzene, which are most often found in the industry in the form of organic solvents (for example, in paints or inks).

VOCs are used in a number of processes, primarily as solvents, degreasers, dissolvents, cleaning agents, preservatives, synthetic agents, etc. They are used in around twenty industries in the fields of metallurgy, printing, engineering, plastics, automobile manufacturing, agribusiness, textiles, construction, pharmaceuticals, chemistry, etc.

VOCs are characterized by their high volatility and spread easily throughout the atmosphere in laboratories and offices, thereby directly and indirectly impacting human lives and the environment..

Each year, VOCs are responsible for six million deaths worldwide.

Air safety and energy savings

A single device is sufficient for real-time purification of 2,648 ft3 of air, which is the volume of air in a room with 269 ft2 of floorspace. It works continuously to entirely replenish the air in a room up to two times per hour. Without opening the window, the air in the room is purer than the air outside..

Installing a Halo C Smart in a laboratory or office space guarantees a high level of air quality without having to resort to cumbersome air renewal systems or connections to HVAC systems (Heating – Ventilation – Air conditioning) which can redistribute chemical or biological atmospheric pollutants throughout a building.

In addition, by constantly filtering the air in the room without releasing it into the atmosphere, installing a Halo C Smart can result in substantial energy savings..

Easy to install and use with Smart technology

Halo C Smart air purification systems are easily installed in the ceiling and take up no floorspace, unlike other air filtration systems on the market. Their elevated position puts them out of the user’s way.

As they are directly connected to the building’s mains power lines, they cannot be unplugged accidentally. They do not need to be connected to an exhaust or ventilation system. They draw in stale air from the middle of the room, purify it, then discharge it at the edges of the room, thus providing optimal air cleaning in enclosed spaces. They are designed to operate 24/7 and carry out real-time treatment of large quantities of air.

Halo C Smart air purification systems are all fitted with Smart technology.
They can communicate simply and intuitively with the user, using a bright halo light and alarm, which indicates:

The operational status

The sudden presence of pollution

The need to replace a saturated filter when it becomes saturated

The operational status of the fan


Halo Smart equipment can also connect to your smartphone, allowing you to monitor its operational status remotely.




The advantages of Halo C Smart equipment

Pulsation à LED Lumineuse.
Port de connexion au système de GTB
Port Ethernet
Anneaux de suspension au plafond
Injecteurs d’air propre
Capteur de performance du filtre et alarme
Filtre Carbone Suractivé
Chambre d’accès
Flashing LED lights (Smart technology) for real-time communication and intuitive updates for the user on the device’s operational status
Internal BMS port
Ethernet port for remote safety monitoring
Four ceiling suspension rings
Eight clean air diffusers for uniform circulation of air throughout the room
A dedicated air quality sensor
Post-filter for controlling the ventilation regulation through PWM
Pre-filter for the absorption of the largest airborne particles (hair, dust, etc.)
Modular filtration column exclusive to Erlab, allowing 3 laboratory-grade molecular filters to be used
Access chamber for easy filter and fan replacement


Easy to use
and install



Product specifications


Specific treatment

Gas and toxic vapors

Area covered

269 ft2

Air flow rate

7,769 ft3/hour

Standards compliance

*Filtration performance tested under the conditions
of the AFNOR NF X 15-211:2009 standard – CE marking

Mode of operation

24/7, Day/Night, Adjustable detection level


On the ceiling using the 4 included suspension rings


23.3 in


35.1 in


10.2 in


68 lb including filter

Energy consumption

50 W