Register your connected Erlab product and benefit from Erlab extension of warranty offer.

Register your connected ERLAB products and benefit from extension of warranty offer.

The registration of your products will automatically give you one extra year of warranty (in addition to the warranty mentioned in the ERLAB’s general terms and conditions of sale).

Connect your unit. Once the device is connected to the Internet and configured to exchange usage data, the warranty is extended for up to 10 years.

Warranty will be successively renewed at each filters replacement and for the lifetime indicated on the Valipass® and/or or at the end of filter usage time.

In order to benefit from Erlab extension of warranty offer, the following conditions shall be respected:

      • Warranty applicability is subject to the respect of the Erlab’ general terms and conditions of sale and following requirements:

          • The registration and/or the connection of the product shall be performed within the twelve months from the purchase date ;

          • Filters replacement must be performed following eValiQuest service recommendations or at the end of filter usage time ; The filter’s serial number, used as an identification key, validates this condition, regardless of your device’s supplier (and/or the replacement filter’s supplier for the following years).

The device’s replacement filters must be manufactured by Erlab, as must all other spare parts.

Consumables such as filters and saturation sensors are not covered under warranty. These conditions apply exclusively to the use of the following Erlab connected products:

*Mandatory data

According to EU rule 2016/679 from April 27th, 2016, last name, first name and email address are collected and used by ERLAB DFS and its subsidiaries only for being able to reply to any query and/or supply additional information as needed. Those data will be processed by the administrative and sales departments in charge of managing customer relationships. According to EU rule 2016/679 dated April 27th, 2016, you have the right to ask, access, amend, erase, oppose for legitimate reasons and, if it is possible technically, request portability for all your personal data collected by us. For this purpose, you can contact us via email at along with a copy of your ID Card or passport.