ERLAB class 2 secure receiving
and transfer hoods for zootechnics.
For successful receiving.

The perfect solution for zootechnical research!

Secure receiving and transfer hoods are designed for the safe transfer of animals from uncontrolled environments to EOPS (Exempt from Specific Pathogenic Organisms) areas.

Equipped with a waste port, T.Box hoods provide an ideal, secure buffer zone between the animal facility and the outside world, while offering you comfort and quality of work.

The benefits of the range


Low-energy lighting provided by LED strips and uniformly distributed over the entire work surface generates energy savings.


High-efficiency HEPA H14 filtration removes particles from ambient air before it is blown into the workspace.


Pre-filters are positioned under the work surface to retain litter residues and extracted hairs, and to limit clogging of the absolute filters.


An integrated touch screen allows you to control your transfer hood depending on your needs.


Commitment to safety and quality for your rodents.


Perform animal transfers without risk.

T.Box hood models allow rodents to be transferred to a “clean” space without breaking containment.

Rodent transport boxes are deposited in the entrance airlock, located in the “unclean” receiving area. After closing the airlock door, the hood rapidly purges the workspace, in just a few seconds, and then ensures complete containment, enabling the animals to be caged in complete safety. The cages are then collected in the hood workspace, in a clean zone, to be placed in secure breeding racks, animal cabinets or isolators.

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Achieve savings and increase the productivity of your laboratory.

Since its creation, ERLAB has been committed to designing and producing its products sustainably. Laboratory animal cabinets feature LED lighting for low energy consumption.

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A level of protection above the strictest standards.

Designed to comply with the EN 12469:2000 standard for Class 2 hoods, these units offer optimum protection for the handler, the animals and the environment.

Equipped with HEPA H14 filtration on both the supply and extract sides, transfer hoods ensure optimum biological safety. A high extraction output ensures rapid renewal of air in the workspace, immediately eliminating contaminants for effective rodent protection.

Changing operations are carried out under the hood, where rodents are protected by an ISO5 class laminar flow, in compliance with standard ISO 14644.

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Erlab offers the most advanced filtration system in the world.

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A simple and intuitive interface

For ease of use, the transfer hood is equipped with a touch screen. The home screen displays the flow speed and alarms. Other applications are available.

Enhanced filtration performance

The air flow filter removes particles from the ambient air before blowing into the workspace, protecting the samples handled against the risk of cross contamination. The extraction filter removes particles before extraction into the laboratory.

Waste port

Secure door opening with visual alarm. Waste port door windows are made of safety glass, which is highly resistant to cleaning and decontamination agents.

Stainless steel work surface

The work surface is recessed to facilitate changing operations and to access the inside of the rodent cages.


A sustainable solution contributing to waste management.

<p style=”color: #ffffff;”>Erlab is committed to an environmentally responsible approach and is taking steps to minimize its energy consumption, optimize its waste management, and promote a culture of sustainability within the company.</p>

The range of Erlab secure receiving and transfer hoods for zootechnics


Width with waste port (mm)*

Depth with waste port (mm)*

Depth with waste port  (mm)*

Air flow rate (m3/h)

Air flow extraction rate  (m3/h)

Internal lighting (Lux)

Power consumption






> 750


* External dimensions of the device
** For any other dimensions, please contact us

The range of Erlab secure receiving and transfer hoods for zootechnics


Dimensions with waste port
Width (mm)* : **
Depth (mm) * : **
Depth (mm) * : **
Air flow rate (m3/h) : **
Air flow extraction rate (m3/h) : **
Internal lighting : > 750
Power consumption (W) : 1000