Erlab air flow enclosures.
An optimal protection zone.

An ultra-safe workspace

Erlab air flow enclosures are ISO 5 or ISO 7 class vertical laminar flow units.

They are designed to create a clean environment within a defined area. They are an alternative solution to a cleanroom.

This equipment is particularly used in the industrial sector to protect a storage area, a raw materials removal area, a production line or a packaging area.

The benefits of the range


The LED light strips ensure uniform lighting on the work surface and provide energy savings.


The laminar flow ensures a high level of cleanliness in a defined area in compliance with ISO standard 14644-1.


The ergonomic design allows for ease of use of the device.


The eye-level controls are easy to operate.


A clean environmental
for protected handlings.


A higher level of protection than the strictest standards.

The P.Box laminar flow cabinet is designed to ensure a high level of cleanliness in a defined area, in ISO class 5 or ISO 7, in accordance with ISO standard 14644-1.

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Achieve savings and increase the productivity of your laboratory.

Since its creation, Erlab has been committed to designing and producing its products sustainably. Laminar flow hoods feature LED lighting for low energy consumption.

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Increased filtration efficiency for optimal protection.

The P.Box air flow enclosures are designed for maximum handling protection.

The workspace is swept by vertical laminar airflow, which protects the handling from external contamination and cross contamination. 

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Forme Erlab offers the most
advanced filtration system in the world.

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Control device with flow display.

The keypad is positioned at eye level and can be mounted on the ceiling or on a remote console.

Enhanced filtration performance

Thanks to the air flow filter, all particles present in the ambient air are eliminated before air flow into the defined zone. As such, the products handled are protected against cross contamination.

Prefiltration for better safety

Prefiltration is provided by G4 pre-filters located upstream of the absolute filters to prevent premature clogging of the HEPA H14 filters.

Transparent walls for a bright environment

The air flow enclosure is equipped with flexible PVC slat curtains or rigid sliding walls that are transparent and antistatic.

Distribution grid

This grid is made of steel and is fitted over the entire air flow surface. It ensures absolute protection of the filters to guarantee excellent flow laminarity.


A sustainable solution contributing to waste management.

Erlab is committed to an environmentally responsible approach and is taking steps to minimize its energy consumption, optimize its waste management, and promote a culture of sustainability within the company.

The range of Erlab air flow enclosures


Width (mm)

Depth (mm)

Height (mm)

Air flow rate (m3 /h)

Internal lighting (Lux)






* For customised dimensions, please contact us.