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Erlab, a company committed to energy savings since 1968.

The acceleration of climate change is a worrying fact that has been in the news for the past few years.  We live in a worrying context, where it is essential to realise that each gesture is important. We can no longer ignore the fact that the world is going wrong and that the energy transition is a crucial step for our planet and our survival.

France, still dependent on fossil fuels, has a great challenge to meet: to reduce its energy consumption by 40% by 2050. If this challenge applies to the whole country, it is everyone’s role to make the energy transition a priority, and that means acting by changing our behavior in a sustainable way. It is our duty to mobilise ourselves for energy sobriety.

Since its creation, Erlab has placed itself as an actor of change with this energy issue at the heart of its values. Its mission has remained unchanged since then: to implement all means toenable laboratories worldwide to reduce their toxic gas emissions to zero, both indoors and outdoors, through more reliable techniques for zero-release filtration, detection, and real-time communication.

Erlab’s desire to offer the best to its customers made it unthinkable to offer products that did not combine quality of work, user safety and energy sobriety. With this commitment, Erlab product ranges enable to make no compromise between these three parameters. From our ductless fume hoods to our air purifiers and storage solutions, our innovations allow you to save energy and help create more environmentally friendly laboratories. Reduce your energy footprint with our equipment ranging from 15W for our standalone filtration units, 65W for our ductless fume hoods to 440W for our GreenFumeHood3 filtration integration kits and benefit from adapted solutions that allow you to continue your business.

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