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New National Standard Atlas for Chemistry Laboratory Fume Hoods

By 23 April 2024May 7th, 2024No Comments

The National Building Standard Design Atlas is an important general technical document. Laboratory building as one of the most important parts of the national building, August 2022 the latest version of the “chemical laboratory ventilation system design and installation” officially promulgated and implemented! Erlab was involved in its writing.

4 typical fume hood technologies that are recognized as equivalent are presented in the atlas: constant air volume, variable air volume, make-up air, ductless fume hood.

Flow charts and design examples of typical ventilation systems for 4 types of laboratories:

  1. fixed air volume control fume hood + variable air volume make-up air system
  2. variable air volume control fume hood + variable air volume make-up air system
  3. variable air volume control make-up fume hood + variable air volume make-up air system
  4. Ductless filtering fume hood + comprehensive ventilation system

Applicable to new construction, alteration and expansion of scientific research institutions, colleges and universities, medical institutions and other chemical laboratories, laboratories and secondary vocational school teaching laboratories, etc. (This atlas is not applicable to biological laboratories).

As a participating company in the new national standard atlas, Erlab is deeply involved in the compilation of standards. If your organization needs to provide professional interpretation of the key points of the new national standard atlas 22K523, please contact us.

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