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Experts in air filtration for the protection
of laboratory personnel since 1968

Inside Erlab
Experts in air filtration for the protection of laboratory personnel since 1968

Erlab is an innovator committed to safety, performance, energy efficiency and sustainability. Erlab has remained the leader in the world for filtered fume hoods, ductless fume hoods, and filtered storage solutions since 1968. Today – 20 international patents later - Erlab is a global leader with:
  • Three production facilities located in North America, France and China totaling 200,000 square feet.
  • Five locations (USA, France, China, Malaysia, Spain).
  • Cutting-edge plastic injection, precision metal, acrylic and filter cartridge manufacturing capabilities
  • A dealer network in more than 40 countries

Erlab is the global leader in the design and manufacture of laboratory filtration products for over 45 years.

   FP Hauville  Erlab S.A. is founded by François-Pierre Hauville.

   Captair The first line of ductless filtered fume hoods named Captair is created.
 erlab historic-1972

Erlab establishes its research and development laboratory and builds its first 2000 sq. m (21,500 sq. ft) production facility in Normandy (France)
   erlab historic-1974

Having focused its business activities on the global market since its founding, Erlab is able to export its products worldwide. Major partnership agreements are signed with Japan and the U.S.
   erlab historic-1981

Incorporation of Erlab Inc., a new production and sales facility in the Boston area.
   erlab historic-1985

Incorporation of Captair GMBH in Dusseldorf, Germany
   erlab historic-1988

Construction of an additional 4000 sq. m (43,000 sq. ft) production plant in France.
   erlab historic-1993

Erlab opens Erlab SDN BHD, a new production facility in Malaysia. The objective of this strategic branch is to cater to the needs of our customers in the South East Asia region.
   erlab historic-1994

F.P. Hauville is named President of UNM 61 standard comittee.  
This comittee, commissioned by AFNOR (French standardization organization), aims to create a standard that will make it possible to determine the performance criteria of a ductless fume hood. 
   erlab historic-1995

All 3 french Erlab production facilities are consolidated in a new 7500 sq. m (80.700 sq.ft.) facility in Val de Reuil, France.
   erlab historic-1996

AFNOR NF X 15 211:1995 standard is published. This performance standard makes it possible to evaluate a ductless fume hood based on very strict criteria and requires the manufacturers using  this standard to achieve a level of filtration quality above and beyond the requirements imposed by safety organizations.
Today, this standard is being used as a reference in the field of ductless fume hoods.
   erlab historic-1997

Creation of Erlab's first website, available in 5 languages.
This website won an award in 1998 delivered by the French Ministry of International Trade.
   erlab historic-1998

Erlab expands the Captair range by creating 3 new products:
  • CaptairStore filtered chemical storage cabinets
  • CaptairBio PCR workstations  
  • CaptairFlow laminar flow hoods
   erlab historic-1999

Erlab creates the Asura filters branch. This new branch is dedicated to the manufacturing and sale of high-performance super-activated carbon filters compatible with all ductless fume hood brands
   erlab historic-2000

Erlab expands its international activities and creates new sales offices* in Italy (Milan) and Spain (Madrid).
   erlab historic-2001
Erlab opens a sales office in the UK (Salisbury).  
Erlab launches the www.asura-filters.com website, available in five languages with the ability to order replacement filters online.
   erlab historic-2002

During the events related to the wave of Anthrax-laced packages sent in the US, Erlab launches the Pyramid glove bag that can be used to open suspicious packages. The product meets with immediate success among forensic specialists and other government agencies.
   erlab historic-2003

Erlab creates Asura maintenance, the first international network of approved technicians for the maintenance of superactivated carbon laboratory filtration systems of all brands.
   erlab historic-2004

Erlab opens Erlab S.L, a new sales office in Barcelona, Spain.
   erlab historic-2004 Erlab serves the Asia Pacific region with the opening of a new  3000 sq. m (32,000 sq. ft) manufacturing and sales facility in China. 
   erlab historic-2008

Erlab introduces the Green Fume Hood at Pittcon in New Orleans. This new generation of Filtered Fume Hood is designed for safety, energy efficiency, and sustainability.
   erlab historic-2009

Erlab Inc. opens a new 8000 sq. m (86,000 sq ft) manufacturing and sales facility in Rowley, MA.
   erlab historic-2009 Erlab launches CaptairFlex, a new range of ductless fume hoods. Based on Flex technology –a configurable, filtration system that offers a variety of new safety solutions.
   erlab historic-2009 NF X 15:211 standard is revised by AFNOR. Ductless fume hoods are designated as “recirculating fume hoods.”
   erlab historic-2010

Erlab China opens its second sales office in the city of Guangzhou.
   erlab historic-2011
Passing of Mr FP Hauville, who was Erlab's founder in 1968 and the inventor of the first ductless fume hood.
   erlab historic-2011 The CaptairStore filtered storage cabinet and the CaptairFlow laminar flow hood benefit from the new Flex Technology that allow the user to combine HEPA and carbon for unmatched safety.
   erlab historic-2011
By creating GreenFumeHood Technology in 2008, Erlab offers manufacturers of ducted fume hoods the ability to integrate GFH technology (filtration, detection, communication) into their fume hood and bring the Filtered Fume Hood to life. 
After 3 years of existence, more than 10 partners in 7 countries have chosen to integrate Erlab above their enclosure.
   erlab historic-2011 Erlab China opens a third sales office in Beijing.
   erlab historic-2012
The CaptairBio PCR workstations benefit from the new Flex Technology that allow the user to combine HEPA and carbon for unmatched safety of personnel and samples.
   erlab historic-2012 The new chinese JG/T385-2012 "ductless self-filtration enclosure" standard is published.
   Erlab China
Erlab moves to its new 6000 m2 (65 000 sq. ft) manufacturing facility located in Kunshan, China. Our new production and sales facility obtained the ISO 9001 certification.
   Our R&D team in our new laboratory
Erlab establishes its newest R&D laboratory in Val de Reuil, France. Led by Dr. Cedric Herry, our filtration specialists work to innovate, design, and develop safe and energy efficient filtration products for the laboratory. 
Erlab launches HALO, a new ceiling mounted laboratory-grade air filtration system that improves the quality of the air in the laboratory by sensing and capturing fugitive gases, vapors, and odors.
   Erlab Smart Filtering Fume Hood
Simpler, Safer takes on full meaning with the first ductless fume hood and chemical storage cabinet utilizing Smart Technology. – an exclusive set of tools that is comprised of smart-light communicationTM, chemical sensors, real-time status, and the eGuard app.