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Air filtration for the protection
of laboratory personnel

Portable glove bag
Safe and convenient transport or storage of samples/evidence

The Pyramid portable glove bag is designed to protect the user during the investigation and transport of biological samples or evidence.
It is a multi-function disposable glove bag made of high-quality transparent PVC. Assembled in a few seconds, it can be used anywhere. The slanted shape of the enclosure provides an ergonomic working position for the user.
Light, mobile and disposable, it is an ideal protection tool which can suit many requirements in the laboratory or in the field.

Ready-to-use, this device allows the user to:
• Open suspicious packages
• Work in an inert atmosphere
• Collect samples on location
• Reveal fingerprints...

It may also be used to protect people from spattering during biopsies and to perform tasks while sheltered from dust and moisture

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Each Pyramid is factory-tested to ensure an air-tight seal.
Each enclosure is inflated with compressed air at a pressure of 2.5 mm Hg.
Once tested, it is given a serial number and a certificate to ensure safety.
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