A complete, sure and reliable solution for the support and recycling of used filters.

(Excusive offer for French market).

The EcoProtect service offers you a complete, safe and responsible solution for the care of your used filters.

Collecte et recyclage des filtres usagés revolving

A specific treatment process.

Your used filter is a special industrial waste. It must, as required by law, be collected and disposed of by an appropriate channel, which must guarantee the traceability of the disposal process: from the collection to the destruction of the used filter.

An appropriate disposal method.

The disposal of your filter is ensured by a thermal treatment, i.e. by incineration.

Your used filter, a precious resource.

The recovery of the calorific value released by the thermal treatment of your used filter is a source of energy. This energy resource offers an alternative to the use of natural resources that must be preserved. By recycling your used filter, you limit your environmental impact.

EcoProtect. How does it work?


Order an erlab filter kit.

This kit is composed of: a new replacement filter, the execution of the service related to the recovery of your used filter.

You receive your new filter.

The entire packaging must be carefully preserved for the shipment of your used filter.

Prepare the used filter shipping package.

After replacing the used filter with the new one, you use the packaging to prepare the used filter shipping package.

Complete the package shipping documents.

Check and sign the Waste Tracking Note (WTS), Check and sign the Waybill (LT).

Deposit or pick-up.

Deposit of your parcel at the post office or pick-up of your parcel by Chronopost.

Used filter recovery.

Véolia Propreté SARP Industries ensures the energy recovery of the used filter(s) and returns the validated BSD to you.