Erlab air purifiers. Complete air purification systems for
toxic vapors, viruses, bacteria, particles, allergens, and indoor pollution (PM 2.5)

Let your laboratory enjoy the purest air and the lowest costs.

ERLAB connected air filtration system captures airborne laboratory pollutants at the source and permanently trap them in high-efficiency filters. As standalone system which is completely separate from the building’s ventilation system, our air purification station is very simple to install in any laboratory.

An ideal solution for reducing air renewal costs, this air purifier guarantees outstanding air quality in the laboratory, without requiring unnecessary air renewal and the significant excess energy consumption it entails.

Available in four different models to filter numerous different pollutants, ERLAB air purification system (Halo Smart C and Halo Smart P) monitors laboratory air quality in real time and filter the ambient air to maintain an optimal level of hygiene and safety.

Complete with Smart technology, an app allows you to remotely monitor the air quality in your laboratory from your cell phone. You can also take advantage of exclusive guarantees and services by using this connectivity.