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GFH technology
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Erlab technology Above
The Green Fume Hood
is made possible by
GreenFumeHood Filtration Technology

With Erlab's GreenFumeHood Filtration Technology, the green fume hood provides superior filtration for a broader range of chemicals, enhanced detection, and network communication. The power of the green fume hood lies within the patented technology of the Neutrodine filtration system which is ideal for multidisciplinary handlings.

The number of GFH filtration columns will depend on the width of your fume hood
  Pack 4200 Pack 5300 Pack 6400 Pack 7500
   4-foot Hood
 5-foot Hood  6-foot Hood  8-foot Hood
Filtration Columns
Process Air Flow
Neutrodine Filters
Compact Fluorescent Lights
Temperature sensor
Solvent sensor
Acid sensor
Lab air quality sensor
User access management via RFID cards
HEPA H14 filters are available for particulate handlings
Remote monitoring software (gGuard)
The Neutrodine filter: a completely different way of looking at molecular filtration
We don't just filter the air, we transform it! Our innovative scientists view filtration technology from a different perspective ~ it's not just about the carbon. As experts in molecular filtration, our Neutrodine filters:
  • Utilize multiple layers of technology to transform molecules, allowing the simultaneous adsorption of solvents, acids, and bases: in Organic, Inorganic, Analytical, Physical, and General Chemistry labs.
  • Are designed with a unique filter frame that prevents carbon shifting and channeling which significantly extends the lifetime of the filter
  • Have a high retention capacity for an unprecedented level of safety and operating cost savings
  • Are environmentally-friendly (contain no heavy metals)


Powder filtration
• High-efficiency HEPA filters used are H14 type filters, in accordance with standard EN 1822-1
• 99.995% global filtration efficiency for particles over 0.1 micron in size.

Modular filtration column
Whether you handle liquids, powders, lighids & powders, or require a cleanroom environment, Erlab's filtration column can be configured to your specific needs.

colonne 2C colonne 1P2C colonne 2C1P
For liquids For liquids
+ powders
Neutrodine filter
eclate colonne
Fan module
Main Neutrodine
filter (optional)
Lighting &

The unique revolving filter system guarantees user safety

Two layers of filtration
By utilizing two layers of filtration, the GreenFumeHood Technology achieves the Class I designation per AFNOR NFX 15-211.
This means that the concentration at the filter exhaust is always lower than 1% of the TLV during normal operation.
Accidental spills
The secondary filter provides safety in case of a large accidental spill.
 Gfh detection The exclusive GreenFumeHood®
filtration saturation detection system
is designed with 3 specific sensors
for the detection of a large
spectrum of molecules. 
1 and 2: Solvent and Acid detection sensors

Using a combination of the solvent and acid sensors, we detect primary filter breakthrough. We know which molecules will breakthrough first and fine-tune the sensitivity based on your chemical usage.
Per the AFNOR NFX 15-211 standard, the detection alarm will sound prior to any user exposure greater than 1% of the TLV.
 solvant sensoracid sensor

3: Laboratory air quality sensor
This sensor provides protection beyond the hood! It is constantly sensing the laboratory air and will detect and alarm upon laboratory air contamination (e.g., accidental spills in the lab, poor user practices outside of the hood).
  • Independent of the solvent and acid senors
  • Located on the fume hood panel above the user
 temperature sensor
Access control management

• Access management by RFID technology.
• 3 level access rights.

sécurité-gfh2 sécurité-gfh3 sécurité-gfh4
Safe and simple use of the unit
Manage users, filters, and alarms
Total access to all control and operational parameters.



Filter installation and replacement

Simply follow the easy step-by-step on screen guide to install of replace your filters. Each filter uses RFID technology to:
  • Prevent the reuse of a saturated filter.
  • Identify the filter type (HEPA or Neutrodine).
  • Tacking the location and date of service via the unique serial number.
  • Provide monitoring and traceability data via the gGuard software.

Fan Failure alarms

• Individual and real time fan monitoring.
• Alarm triggered in case of fan failure. Display of specific fan involved.
• Each operational fan parameters are displayed on the hood screen and via gGuard software.

Temperature sensor and alarm
This system provides two detection levels:
  • First, an alert is triggered if the temperature in the hood reaches 40°C (104°F)
  • Second, an alarm is activated if the temperature inside the hood reaches 60°C (140°F) and triggers all fans to stop.

Containment safeguard : Sash position detection

• Blower speed proportionally adapted to the sash opening height.
• Guarantee of the air face velocity > 0,4m/s-1 (according to the AFNOR NF X 15-211 standard).
• Statistics data usage via gGuard software.
• Alarm triggered when the sash height opening is beyond safety limits.
security security
SASH OK SASH too high
The embedded electronic system enables GreenFumeHood to become a real and safe communicating tool
The exclusive g-Guard® communication system offers laboratory managers and safety officers real time access and remote management capabilities linked to the safety of their fume hood network.
software gguard
Software Features
 gGuard Start
for FREE!
 gGuard Extended
(Contact your local dealer for pricing)
Networking: Add/Remove units
Units network dashboard
Help Section
Software Users Management
Real Time alerts management
Automatic reports
Networking: Add/Remove units
Help Section
Software Users Management
Real Time alerts management
Automatic reports
Units network dashboard
Real Time unit information access
Operational history and graphics access
Data export into Microsoft Office Excel
Units remote set up and control
Data collection services management
Unit Maintenance 

Monitoring, management and statistics

GreenFumeHood® embedded computer associated with g-Guard® software offers «real time» monitoring.
g-Guard® gives access to the following safety information and updates :
•Usage authorisation.
• Filter usage.
• Neutrodine® filters saturation detection.
• Filters identification.
• Sash position.
• Blower speed.
• Pollution of the laboratory air.
• Temperature in the enclosure.
• Usage statistics.

 Go further with g-Guard software by creating a direct link between any
GreenFumeHood and the safety and facilities management.
General and real time view
of your fume hood network .

Chronological traceability
of usage parameters.
Usage optimization
Access and act on the unit settings

 Many other features are accessible through g-Guard®
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