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Bowdoin College's Roux Center


Filtered Fume Hoods help Bowdoin College's Roux Center for the Environment track LEED Platinum

Erlab and our integration partner Labconco are honored to be chosen as the filtered fume hood providers for Bowdoin College's new Roux Center for the Environment. As stated on Cambridge Seven Associates' web site: "The Roux Center for the Environment will provide a greatly expanded platform for environmental studies at Bowdoin College.
This interdisciplinary building features an ensemble of flexible classrooms, laboratories, research labs, faculty offices and unstructured learning spaces. A glassy, tiered space will host lectures, informal gatherings, and serve as a focal point for the campus community.
The building's form is expressed by two bars shifted and angled to one another within the trapezoidal site, with the east bar housing faculty offices and research labs and the west bar containing classrooms and teaching labs. A glazed circulation space connects the two bars, allowing for unprecedented contact between faculty and students. Local, sustainable materials envelop the building, with primarily glass North and South facades, inviting vistas both in and out, and the more-opaque East and West facades clad in a durable thermally-modified poplar siding.
On track to achieve LEED Platinum certification, the Roux Center will act as a teaching lab of sustainable and innovative construction technologies."

Thank you Bowdoin, C7A and Arup for trusting Erlab's GreenFumeHood filtration technology!

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Ken Crooks Director, NA Sales GreenFumeHood Technology at Erlab
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