Erlab secure weighing stations.
Total safety and peace of mind for all users.

In order for a laboratory to reach peak efficiency personal peace of mind must be a priority.

Erlab secure weighing stations guarantee an outstanding level of safety for users. They provide the required stability as well as the level of accuracy (up to 10-6 g) required when weighing in the laboratory.

It is the ideal solution for hazardous operations which require a confined environment, eliminating any risk of personnel being exposed to toxic products.

SMART technology, which is built into Erlab weighing stations, acts as a security guard for users: this highly efficient light-based communication interface keeps them informed of the operational status of their weighing stations.

A range of advantages.


Low installation costs and very low operational costs.


Containment and filtration guaranteed by their compliance with the AFNOR NF X15-211 standard.
The exclusive eValiQuest service assesses the risk of your operations and reduces any risks associated with your system.


Carry out all your weighing operations while trapping particles and vapors at the source, with no risk of escape into the environment.


Ensures weighing accuracy under protective air flow up to 10-6 g. Fitted with a phenolic resin work surface.


With no connections required, the weighing station can be quickly installed in the laboratory and moved quickly and easily.


The ideal solution
for hazardous
weighing operations.


The safest weighing stations
are also the least expensive.

Make significant savings on installation and operation. Erlab chemical weighing stations require no connections to the building’s ventilation system. They eliminate energy consumption associated with renewing the laboratory’s air (air supply/extraction, filtration, dehumidification, air conditioning). With an energy consumption between 70 W and 191 W, operational costs are extremely low.

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Designed to guarantee
the highest level of safety.

The containment and filtration of Erlab weighing stations are guaranteed by their compliance with the AFNOR NF X15-211 standard. The personalized assessment of your weighing operations means their usage is certified and the automatic alarm warns of filter saturation. Class 1 devices: Safety filter for maximum protection and waste port under a protective air flow. The containment capabilities of Erlab weighing stations is verified by the most stringent tests: XPX 15206, EN 14175-3, ASHRAE 110, ISPE Guidance (OEB 5 particle retention test).

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Designed to provide maximum precision and stability.

Erlab secure weighing stations allow precise weighing under protective air flow up to 10-6 g. They are all fitted with a phenolic resin work surface.

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Unique performance above the requirements of the strictest standards.

The modular design of FLEX technology means filters are stacked vertically in the filtration column, allowing carbon filters to be combined with HEPA or ULPA filters to suit your protection requirements. The filtration and containment performance meets the 
AFNOR NF X15-211 standard (classes 1 and 2). 

FLEX filtration technology allows you to carry out all your weighing tasks while trapping molecules and/or particles at source, with no risk of contaminants escaping into the environment. Now available with the new, high-retention-capacity BE+ polyvalent filter and the HEPA H14 filter (EN 1822-1, 99.995% efficacy on the MPPS test.)

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A team of experts at your service.

Erlab’s team of expert technicians is at your service throughout your product’s lifespan. A vital aspect of user safety, our labs analyze your handling and weighing operations and recommend the most suitable solution for your safety. Erlab Maintenance provides installation and IQ/OQ qualification services with the possibility of carrying out a DOP integrity test, Emery test, or others.

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Equipment that is easy to install and simple to use.

Designed to fit any space, Erlab secure weighing stations, topped with their filtration columns, are installed quickly and simply. They require no exhaust ducts and no connections other than to the power supply. The weighing station is ready for use just a few hours after delivery. 

Their perfect ergonomic design makes them simple, practical, and comfortable to use. When switching on, a single button centralizes operation of the ventilation, lighting, and on-board intelligence, and allows you to activate the power of SMART technology. 

Their intuitive SMART safety system ensures that they are working correctly at all times. A single glance informs the user of the saturation status of the filters, which can be easily changed. We offer a collection and energy recovery disposal service for used filters.

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Enjoy the highest level of safety and exclusive warranties.

Erlab weighing stations’ connectivity allows remote monitoring of one or more devices on your smartphone. After registering your product online, download the eGuard app, which has several new features: 

  • Receiving safety alerts
  • Viewing your usage statistics
  • Enhancing your experience with personalized reports 
  • Taking advantage of exclusive warranties and services: up to 10-year warranty extension, device monitoring by our experts
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The eGuard app.
The new tool for
your peace of mind.

Erlab secure weighing station connect to your smartphone with the help of the eGuard app, developed by Erlab, which allows you to easily monitor all your safety settings in real time.
Download the eGuard app for Erlab secure weighing station

Erlab’s secure weighing station range.

From length to width, height, depth, and power:
Erlab chemical weighing stations are available in 4 different models.

Weighing station 321

L  : 800 mm
D : 620 mm
H :1110 mm (min.)
1285 mm (max)


Weighing station 391

L  : 1005 mm
D  : 620 mm
H : 1110 mm (min.)
1285 mm (max)


Weighing station 481

L  : 1260 mm
D  : 620 mm
H : 110 mm (min.)
1285 mm (max)


Weighing station 392

L  : 1005 mm
D : 749 mm
H : 1340 mm (min.)
1515 mm (max)