Erlab PCR workstations.
RNA/DNA gene amplification,
protected from contamination.

Protect your sensitive applications from environmental pollution and cross-contamination.

Erlab PCR workstations are fitted with a high-efficiency filtration system (HEPA/ULPA U16) which keeps your work area particle-free and prevents any pollution from reaching your handling operations. A UV lamp also decontaminates the work surface and prevents biological cross-contamination between two operations. An optional molecular filter can even protect handling operations from VOCs present in the laboratory atmosphere. As they are entirely standalone units, there are no additional costs involved for installing Erlab biological workstations as well as no special assembly costs. Erlab biological workstations communicate using built-in SMART technology: an intuitive lighting system which keeps the user constantly informed of the operational status of their device.

A range of advantages.


A particle-free work area, protected from cross-contamination.


Unrivaled filtration capacity. Performance which exceeds the strictest standards to protect your laboratory personnel and their environment.


Erlab biological workstations give your lab an immediate boost in productivity.


Equipment that is easy to install and simple to use.


SMART technology communicates valuable information to the user in real time using light and sound signals.


applications have
never been so
well protected.


Your biological applications have never been so protected.

Protection from external contamination. Internal air quality obtained by high-efficiency particulate filters (HEPA/ULPA U16) meets the EN 1822-1 standard. Molecular filter (optional) to protect handling operations from VOCs in the laboratory atmosphere. The anemometer monitors clogging of the pre-filter or particulate filter and notifies the user if a replacement is required. A 254-nm germicidal UV lamp decontaminates the work area between handling operations to avoid cross-contamination.

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Filter up to
of particles.

ULPA U16 filters guarantee 99.99995% filtration efficiency for particles larger than 0.1 μm. HEPA H14 filters guarantee 99.995% filtration efficiency for particles larger than 0.1 μm. An optional molecular filter can be added to provide additional protection from VOCs present in the laboratory air. A UV lamp protects your samples from cross-contamination. (decontamination using a 254-nm germicidal lamp)

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Erlab biological workstations help boost your laboratory’s productivity.

Erlab PCR workstations increase your savings, on installation costs, maintenance costs, operating costs, and more. Their unique filtration system means there are no costs for connecting to an exhaust system and no special assembly costs. By protecting from external pollution and contamination, Erlab PCR workstations make handling operations more reliable, reduce non-compliance, and optimize costs.

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Equipment that
is easy
to install and
simple to use.

Designed to fit any space, Erlab’s biological PCR workstations, with top mounted filtration columns, are installed quickly and simply. They require no exhaust ducts and no connections other than to the power supply. After receiving the equipment, the laboratory is ready to operate in just a few hours.
They can be moved very easily and allow laboratories to be reconfigured quickly as research programs evolve.
Their perfect ergonomic design makes them simple, practical, and comfortable to use.
When switching on, a single button centralizes operation of the ventilation, lighting, and on-board intelligence, allowing you to activate the power of SMART technology.
Erlab PCR workstations are made using low-porosity materials which are easy to clean. Their integrated rounded-edge work surface is available in TRESPA® TopLab®PLUS or 304L stainless steel.
Their intuitive SMART safety system ensures that they are working correctly at all times. A single glance informs the user of the saturation status of the filters, which can be changed in just a few minutes. A light bar at the top of the workstation indicates the optimal level of protection for the operation. Using different light and sound signals, the device communicates its operational status in real time via simple, clear, effective, and reliable indicators.

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A high level
of user

A light bar at the top of the device indicates the optimal level of safety for the operator. If any of the device’s operating parameters fall outside the range required for it to function correctly, the user is warned using one or more intuitive light and sound signals. SMART technology covers all operating parameters. Simply switching on the device unleashes the power of the interface, leaving the operator to concentrate on their work, knowing the device will emit any warnings if needed.

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The eGuard app.
The new tool for
your peace of mind.

Erlab biological workstations connect to your smartphone with the help of the eGuard app, developed by Erlab, which allows you to easily monitor all your safety settings in real time.
Download the eGuard app for Erlab biological workstations

Erlab’s biological PCR workstation range.

From length to width, height, depth, and power:
Erlab biological PCR workstations are available in 3 different models.

Captair Bio 320

W  : 825 mm
D  : 630 mm
H : 647 mm


Captair Bio 321 Smart

W  : 810 mm
D  : 670 mm
H : 965 mm (min.) / 1059 mm (max)


Captair Bio 391 Smart

W  : 1013 mm
D  : 670 mm
H : 965 mm (min.) / 1059 mm (max)