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of laboratory personnel since 1968
NEW GreenFumeHood®3
Advanced integrated filtration technology for Fume Hoods
with built-in Smart communication

The most advanced filtration technology in the world,

50 years of research in the field of molecular and particulate filtration

Already integrated with 
Fume Hoods from our network of integration partners


Unrivaled filtration
capacity combined
with revolutionary

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Neutrodine Unisorb®
Universal vapour filtration for general chemistry, with large  retention capacity
Smart communication Technology
A simplified human-machine interface dedicated to safety
Avoid the extra costs that come with classic ducted Fume Hoods
Lab Design
Streamlined infrastructure for a dynamic and sustainable building

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Take advantage of 3rd-generation GreenFumeHood® technology:
  • 50 years of air filtration expertise;
  • Performance of new generation high retention capacity Neutrodine Unisorb filters;
  • Compliance with filtration and containment standards for your safety;
  • New generation of simpler and safer embedded technologies for optimum real-time safety;
Erlab and its integration partners invite you to consider a turnkey ecological laboratory solution which meets all your safety and containment needs.

You can also benefit from dual expertise in filtration and enclosure design with the know-how of both Erlab and its integration partners.

High-performance filtration technology

Neutrodine Unisorb®, a single molecular filter for all laboratory vapors and gases
The result of the latest innovations from Erlab, GFH® 3 is equipped with a new generation of filters: Neutrodine Unisorb®. This technology has been developed for over 12 years at the Erlab R&D laboratory. It has been tested and deployed since 2009 thousands of times, from the first trials of new filtration materials right up to the performance evaluation of these new filters in real-life situations.
Neutrodine Unisorb® greatly increases the retention capacity for the majority of vapors emitted from a wide variety of laboratory handlings. These improvements are significant for the molecules known to be the most difficult to retain with classic activated carbon filters: polar VOCs with low molar mass and boiling points.

Therefore, filter performance lifespan are improved and operating costs reduced.

Neutrodine Unisorb® performance*

The most advanced GFH® 3 technology in detail,
modular filtration column

Composition of a GFH® 3 filtration column

Neutrodine Unisorb®
Safety Filter Module
No release of pollutants into the laboratory, even if the main filter is saturated
US Patent: 7,563,301
US Patent: 9,114,338 B2
Ventilation module
Ventilation regulation
Low energy consumption
Reduced noise level
Main Neutrodine Unisorb
Filter Module
Increased filtration efficiency
Single filter for simultaneous handling:
solvents, acids and bases
Unique formulation without carbon blend
No heavy metal impregnation.
US Patent: 7,563,301
US Patent: 9,114,338 B2
Particulate Filter Module
High-efficiency H14 powder filtration (absolute filter)
Air filtration system with innovative blade/gutter system for a perfect seal
Lighting module
Communicating base with daylight LED lighting module

Adaptable modular filtration column according to requirements

  • Compatible with a vast majority of laboratory procedures
  • Possibility of handling liquids and powders.
  • Quick and simple reconfiguration of filtration columns to meet requirement changes.

For handling
For handling
liquids + powders
For handling
in cleanrooms

Molecular filter Particulate filter Fan Lighting module

Horizontal modularity US Patent: 7,766,732

Filtration pack

Air Flow
900 - 1000 mm 220 m3/h
1000 - 1200 mm 440 m3/h
1500 - 1600 mm 660 m3/h
1800 - 2000 mm 880 m3/h
2000 - 2400 mm 1100 m3/h
2400 - 2700 mm 1320 m3/h


Free yourself from operational constraints
with the New Smart Command control module

Activate the simple and intuitive power of Smart technology

Erlab has developed its technology so you can concentrate on what is important: your handling. Smart Command is integrated with all our GreenFumeHood® filtration packs it takes care of your safety and knows when to alert you if necessary.

Smart Command control module

Smart Command is easy to use and is integrated into
our GreenFumeHood® 3 filtration packs

U.S. Design patent: D865, 539

Simplified connection via NFC
Simplified access to advanced functions on smartphones
Simplified access point
(PC, tablet, etc.)
Wi-Fi and Ethernet
Simpler safer Smart alert system
Detection through light and sound alerts pulsation
U.S. Patent: D10, 528, 014
Simplified and intuitive commands
Touch screen commands

Exclusive air filtration quality technology

A suite of air quality sensors for optimal filtration safety

The exclusive GreenFumeHood® 3 detection system consists of a network of 3 sensors, specifically adapted for the detection of a very broad spectrum of molecules. While monitoring the performance of Neutrodine Unisorb® filtration
Acid sensor 
Electrochemical sensor for the detection of acid vapors
VOC sensor 
Semiconductor sensor for the detection of volatile organic compounds
Formaldehyde sensor 
Electrochemical sensor for the detection of formaldehyde vapors

Each GFH®3 technology pack include
7 sensors for optimal enclosure containment and handling safety*

Sensor model
Molecode S
Filtration performance
monitoring for VOC
Molecode A
Filtration performance
monitoring for acids
*According to eValiquest
Smart online chemical assessment
Molecode F
Filtration performance monitoring
for formaldehyde
*According to eValiquest
Smart online chemical assessment
Temperature sensor
Real-time enclosure internal
temperature monitoring
Humidity sensor
Real-time enclosure internal
humidity monitoring
Monitoring of air
face velocity
Ventilator regulation and
performance monitoring
A high level of filtration and containment guaranteed by the most rigorous safety standards
Filtration efficiency according to the AFNOR NF X15-211 standard
Neutrodine® filtration technology conforms to the
NFX 15-211 standard, the most rigorous industry standard for molecular filtration, developed by a committee of independent scientists and specialised manufacturers.
This standard establishes the specific performance criteria which impose a maximum release of 1% of the TLV (Threshold Limit Value) of the handled products.
Containment efficiency of the enclosure
The level of containment is defined by the capacity of the fume hood to keep vapors within the enclosure, preventing their release into the laboratory environment. Containment efficiency is proven by tests carried out according to the protocols outlined in the EN14175-3, ASHRAE 110:1995 and
AFNOR NF X 15-211 standards.
The containment standards applicable to GreenFumeHood® Fume Hoods are identical to those for fume extraction hoods.
The XPX15206 standard

Simplify the design of your laboratory and save energy

Compare the infrastructure and operating costs of your fume hood with a fume hood equipped with GreenFumeHood® 3 filtration technology
A study conducted by the University of Berkeley concluded that the annual cost of energy consumption for a fume extraction hood is 4,300 Dollards. A fume Hood operates 24 hours a day... and consumes 3.5 times more energy than an average sized house.*
It is possible to make it more competitive from an ecological standpoint. Erlab’s Neutrodine® Unisorb molecular filtration technology with super-activated carbon primarily protects the user, but also reduces the environmental impact while reducing operating and installation costs.
Reduce your expenses; optimise your ROI...
 Filtration pack Annual energy cost*
Annual filters replacement cost**
 Makeup air and
air conditioning
 Building - Infrastructure - Planning  Annual maintenance cost***  Total average annual operating cost
M2 < $20 $542     
for GFH
(limited to the min. volume required by local regulations)
 $330  $892
M3  < $25
M4  < $30
M5  < $40 $1357
 < $50
Your fume hood
   HVAC filters        Your annual total

* : Estimation cost based on the average cost of electricity for industrial use in France : 0,06 Dollars / 8 h per day for 220 days per year.
** : Noticed average filter replacement frequency : 18 months.
*** : Max. cost without filters replacement for 1 unit / Optimized cost starting from two units located at the same site.

Did you know?

Energy footprint comparison between traditional ducted fume hoods
and next-generation filtered fume hoods

ducted fume hood
filtered fume hood
The energy cost of a traditional ducted fume hood is estimated at 4,300 Dollars per year. The average annual energy cost for a next-generation filtered fume hood is estimated at 250 Dollars per year.
This average cost has been established for a fleet of 750,000 ducted fume hoods in operation.

The total power consumption of these 750,000 ducted fume hood amounts to the electrical output of 20 x 250-megawatt power plants.
The total cost of this energy consumption is 3 billion Dollars per year.
For the equivalent of 750,000 next-generation filtered fume hoods, this would amount to the electrical output of 0.8 x 250-megawatt power plants.
The total cost of this energy consumption is dramatically reduced to a cost of 190 million Dollars per year.

The electrical consumption of a filtering fume is on average
17 times less than a traditional ducted
and can bring you the following advantages: 
• Reduce energy costs by 96% and reduce operating costs by 70%.

• Reduce infrastructure costs associated with heating and cooling.
• Handle liquids and solids (including acids, bases, solvents and powders)
- individually or together - with a single hood.
• Reduce CO2 emissions.
• Virtually eliminate installation costs.
• Operate safely without polluting and contaminating the environment.
• Maintain productivity without changing the way lab technicians work.


GFH® filtration technology, a proven solution since 2008

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Boston VA Medical Center
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Bristol Community College
Broward College
Butler University
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Cargill, Inc.
Carleton College
Carmel Christian School
Center for Coastal Studies
Centers for Disease Control & Prevention
Central Piedmont Community College
Charles River Labs
Chesaning Union Schools
Children's Hospital of Los Angeles
Clemson University
College of the Desert
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Community College of Philadelphia
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Cornerstone Christian School
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Crowder College
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Daytona State College
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McMaster University
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Metropolitan Medical Laboratory
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Miraca Life Sciences
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Mount Royal University
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Academia Sinica Taipei
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Shanghai Starry Pharmaceutical Co.
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Shenzhen Environment Monitoring Center
Taipei Kuei Shan School

Tianjin University
Tokako Corporation
Towa Pharmaceutical
University of Hong Kong
University of Tokyo
Urawa Akenohoshi High School
Xiamen Environment Monitoring Station
Yangzhou Center for Food and Drug Control
Zhejiang Academy of Medical Sciences
Zhongshan EMC

Middle East

Khalifa University
Saudi Arabia Oil Company
Texas A&M University at Qatar

High-performance filtration technology

Simplified laboratory design
  • Standalone fume hood.
  • No impact on the laboratory’s ventilation balance.
  • Can be integrated at all stages of design or renovation.
  • Minimal planning. No ductwork.
  • Simple relocation
Mobility and flexibility
  • Complete, mobile standalone system which requires no external attachments.
  • Quickly and easily adapts to the requirements of a new relocation project.
GreenFumeHood® evolves with the laboratory
  • Adaptable to the procedures of the majority of laboratories.
  • Wide range of dimensions to meet the ergonomic requirements of laboratories.
  • Intended for new laboratories or those undergoing renovation or rearrangement.
  • Quick and simple reconfiguration of filtration columns to meet changes in requirements.
Check to see if GreenFumeHood® is suited to your project and speak with a GFH® 3 specialist, to help you determine the following:
  1. Risk analysis with e-Valiquest
  2. ROI calculation, filter changing cycle vs energy use
  3. HVAC optimization
  4. Choosing the right integration partner
  5. Technical and sales offering
  6. Project design & installation
  7. Laboratory technicians training and best use practices
  8. Maintenance protocols