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Experts in air filtration for the protection
of laboratory personnel since 1968

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 The Erlab Difference

With more than 50 years of experience in the field of molecular filtration and protection of laboratory personnel, Erlab is the trusted brand for safety when choosing a filtered or ductless fume hood, filtered storage solution, or laboratory air filtration system.
"The air exhausted from our filters is so pure that we guarantee your safety. We make this guarantee because the following ingredients are built into every product - without all of them, your health and safety are compromised"
                                                                                                                                       ~ Stéphane Hauville, President & CEO
State-of-the-art Laboratory
Investment is needed in a lab with top-notch engineers and chemists that are experts in molecular filtration with access to sophisticated analytical equipment. We continually work to ensure our products are safe, improve our products, and develop new products to offer greater protection for laboratory personnel 
Expertise. We need to be the best to keep you safe.
Published Chemical Listing
We state what our filters can do! You can’t comply with AFNOR NFX 15-211 without a published chemical listing. Our in-house lab tests the retention capacity of our filters and we publish a list stating the chemical name, the molecular weight, the grams our filter can retain and under what conditions, the filter type needed to retain the chemical, and the type of saturation detection you need.
We measure the safety of our filters.
Independent Testing
Proof of our claims. Independent testing is done to prove that what we stated in our chemical listing is true. This testing also proves that during normal operation or during detection, the concentration at the filter exhaust will be lower than 1% of the TLV. If there is a spill, the concentration at the filter exhaust will be less than 50% of the TLV.
You will never be exposed to harmful chemicals.
Chemical Assessment for your chemical handlings
Assurance that a ductless hood is safe for you. We won’t sell a hood without verifying that it is right for your chemical handlings. Your specific chemical handlings are analyzed by our in-house test laboratory. We determine if your chemical handlings can be done safely using our hood and filters. If yes, we let you know the most efficient filter type that is needed, the filter lifetime, and the best method to detect saturation.
We must be liable for your safety.
Certificate of Validation
It is important to know what chemicals your hood can handle. A certificate that gives the precise details of the chemicals to be used, the filter type, and an estimation of the filter life expectancy is provided and posted on the front of the hood. This informs the user which chemicals are approved for use in the hood.
We must put it in writing.
Safety Program
It is important that a safety specialist from the manufacturer regularly follows up with you to be sure the hood is in proper working order, check if any chemicals used in the hood have changed, and inform you when your filters need replacement.
Guaranteeing your safety for life.