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Innovative chemical filtration products that guarantee your safety

The very principle of a connected fume hood dates back more than 600 years. The building's ventilation system discharges harmful pollutants into the atmosphere caused by chemical processes.
Our constantly evolving filtration technologies provide second-to-none protection for the handling of chemicals. Independent of the building's ventilation system, they are safe, versatile, mobile, flexible and self-contained.
Passive safety  
Very few connected fume hoods can actually guarantee the protection of users while in operation.
Active safety  
All the sensors embedded in our filtering fume hoods constantly monitor the level of user safety in real time. Remote monitoring tools send safety alerts to on your mobile device.
Most connected fume hoods fail to provide any real-time information on their operation. Does the absence of a signal ward off danger?
The Smart technology incorporated into all our products provides simple, intuitive and real-time communication via light and sound pulses for all the operating parameters of a filtering fume hood. Communication capabilities are boosted by the connectivity and use of the eGuard App, which sends safety alerts to your mobile device.

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Where innovation, energy savings, ease of use and environmental protection combine to provide you with ultimate protection and a new approach to laboratory design.