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Reduce your energy expenditure, eliminate installation costs

High infrastructure costs
Ducted fume hoods must be connected to the building's ventilation system. They require building a complex air distribution system which significantly affects building design costs.
Zero infrastructure costs
Totally independent of the building's ventilation system, filtering fume hoods are operational in less than 2 hours. Because they are self-contained, the costs associated with the construction of an air distribution system are eliminated. 
Energy intensive 
Ducted fume hoods continually extract air from the laboratory, at a rate of 600 to 1,000m3/hr. They require a fresh air supply which drastically increases their energy consumption costs. Connected to the building's ventilation system, their operation cannot be interrupted.
Very energy efficient  
With power ranging from 60 to 380W, the cost associated with the energy consumption of a filtering fume hood is insignificant. With these savings, the equipment pays for itself in no time. And it can be switched off when not in use.
Uses a large volume of reagents  
The use of ducted fume hoods does not advocate the awareness that it is possible to limit the evaporation of harmful products by optimizing laboratory processes
Uses fewer reagents
The technical validation of every use of our products means we can offer guidance with a view to reducing the amount of chemicals used, consistent with good laboratory practices.

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