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Filtration covers most laboratory applications

Ducted fume hoods are tethered to the ventilation system. They cannot be moved or relocated when the footprint expands or when moving to a new location.
Self-contained and mobile, they can be easily moved and relocated when the need arises.
The installation of a new ducted fume hood is a lengthy and complex process, sometimes even impossible in some cases. The entire building must adapt to accommodate its use.
The installation of a new filtering fume hood has no impact whatsoever on the air balance of the laboratory. This totally flexible hood adapts to your operational requirements.
Powder build-ups in the exhaust ducts linked to the diversity of products used can cause fires and create explosive or reverse pollution situations. They are not recommended.
The modular design of our products allows, through vertically stacked filters, the capture of solvents, acids, bases and powders at source, within a single enclosure. They adapt to your work and currently cover most laboratory handling operations.

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