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Limit your environmental footprint with filtration

100% discharge into the atmosphere 
This is undoubtedly what best characterizes a ducted fume hood. This discharge causes hazardous air pollution in the vicinity of the laboratory.
0% discharge into the atmosphere
All evaporated gases and powders are irreversibly captured at the source by our filters. They also contribute to purifying the ambient air of the laboratory by recirculating, clean filtered air.
Excess energy consumption 
According to an independent study, each ducted fume hood involves use an excess power consumption 3.5 times higher than that of an average home (an estimated $2,500 per year).
Reduced energy consumption
The power consumption of a filtering fume hood is on average 12.5 times less than that of a ducted fume hood (an estimated $200 per year).
Costly life cycle
At the end of its life cycle, all air distribution elements of a ducted fume hood, as with the building and its infrastructures, must be substantially renovated and, in some cases, must undergo complex and specific decontamination procedures.
The raw material at the heart of our filters comes from the recycling of materials of plant origin. Eliminated by incineration, these materials are recovered for energy production purposes.

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