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Erlab’s GreenFumeHood Technology plays a major role in the Zero Net Energy equation

Out with the old and in with the new
Rowley, MA (February 16, 2016) To attain Zero Net Energy, Bristol Community College upgraded to new fume hood Bristol Community College chooses filtred fume hoodstechnology for (13) of the (22) fume hoods at the Sbrega Health and Science Building that will welcome students this spring.
What is this new fume hood technology? The Green Fume Hood, which is now installed in over 200 locations around the world. This category of fume hood integrates Erlab’s GreenFumeHood Filtration Technology above Air Master Systems superstructure. Because Bristol chose to use this technology, they are protected by Erlab’s superior NeutrodineTM filters that are ideal for multidisciplinary chemical handlings and are designed to address the ever-increasing requirements for safety and energy-efficiency. Additionally, best-in-class detection technology and real-time communication for security and monitoring via PC, tablet or smartphone.
Green Fume Hoods offer less, less, less
  • Less ductwork: the reduction of the lab exhaust system, including associated stainless steel ductwork.
  • Less complexity: the simplicity of balancing labs with filtered hoods and decoupling ventilation air from cooling requirements.
  • Less costs: the avoidance of expensive make-up air systems, oversized to compensate for fume hood exhaust, coupled with reduced annual operating expenses will provide first and annual savings to the school. The first cost savings by using FFH helped partially fund the alternative MEP equipment necessary to achieve Zero Net Energy.
  • Less construction time: The reduction and simplification in MEP systems will shave construction labor hours.
Erlab and its OEM Partners understand the challenges of constructing a new lab, renovating an old lab, or adding on to an existing lab, and offer a solution that is ideal for the majority of environments. This made the Green Solution Hood by Air Master Systems (featuring Erlab’s GFH Filtration Technologies) a key factor in the design of Bristol Community College’s newest science building and the capability of achieving ZNE.
Visit https://www.erlab.com to learn more how Erlab’s GreenFumeHood Filtration Technology brings the filtered fume hood to life.
About Erlab:
Erlab’s passion is innovation and invention. We focus on research & development, design, and manufacturing of cutting-edge air filtration solutions for the lab environment. As an innovator, Erlab is committed to safety, performance, energy efficiency and sustainability and has remained number one in the world for ductless and filtering fume hoods since 1968.
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