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Air filtration for the protection
of laboratory personnel
Val de Reuil, 9/15/2014
Erlab partners with Burdinola to deliver an innovative filtered fume hood
State-of-the-art filtered fume hood for the laboratories of today and tomorrow

Erlab, the expert in air filtration for the protection of laboratory personnel since 1968 and Burdinola, supplier of laboratory furniture solutions announce a partnership for the development of a new filtered fume hood.  Burdinola filtered fume hood with GreenFumeHood Technology
By integrating Erlab’s GreenFumeHood Technology above their laboratory fume hood, Burdinola will now offer an innovative solution utilizing the patented technology of Neutrodine for filtering a wide range of chemicals, best-in-class detection technology, and communication for security and monitoring in real time via PC, tablet or smartphone.

As a result of this partnership, a new filtered fume hood is introduced. The nucleus of the filtered fume hood is the patented Neutrodine filtration system which is ideal for multidisciplinary handlings in place of a traditional ducted system and is designed to address the ever-increasing requirements for safety and energy-efficiency. Erlab’s proven GreenFumeHood filter technology now in use at several R&D and university laboratories eliminates atmospheric pollution from the exhaust of traditional fume hoods, reduces building infrastructure and dramatically reduces energy consumption costs through the use of recirculated air utilizing the patented Neutrodine filters in place of traditional carbon filters. Complete user safety and assurance is provided via reliable breakthrough detection sensors and a communications package which offers local and remote operation for security and monitoring in real-time via PC, tablet or smartphone
Visit Erlab, booth B219, at the Expoquimia exhibition in Barcelona from September 30 to October 3 to talk to the experts and learn more about this new technology. Erlab will showcase and discuss the many successful installations in universities, pharmaceuticals, and research & development laboratories around the world and how we help achieve saving energy without compromising protection.
Erlab :
For over 40 years, Erlab’s passion is to focus on the research & development, design, and manufacturing of cutting-edge air filtration in the lab. As an innovator, Erlab is committed to safety, performance, energy efficiency and sustainability and has remained the leader for ductless fume hoods since 1968.
Burdinola :
A specialist in design, planning and installation of laboratory space, Burdinola is the global solution for the design and development of scientific buildings since 1978. The company develops its products with ecodesign and sustainability in mind, making it possible to provide secure, functional, aesthetic and durable solutions for the science building. 

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