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Air filtration for the protection
of laboratory personnel
Erlab partners with Labconco to deliver a state-of-the-art filtered fume hood

Rowley, MA and Kansas City, MO (March 17, 2014) –Erlab, the experts in air filtration for the protection of laboratory personnel, and Labconco, expert in fume hood technology and manufacturer of laboratory equipment since 1925, announce an OEM partnership in which Labconco integrates GreenFumeHood TechnologyTM - the patented, superior filtration system that brings the filtered fume hood to life – with their fume hood superstructure. This exciting partnership between two innovative leaders in the marketplace will bring significant benefit not only to customers of both companies, but to everyone looking for the long sought out solution to energy consumption and environmental impact of traditional ducted fume hoods.
As a result of this partnership, a new filtered fume hood will be born. The nucleus of the filtered fume hood is the patented Neutrodine filtration system which is ideal for multidisciplinary handlings in place of a traditional ducted system and is designed to address the ever-increasing requirements for safety and energy-efficiency. Erlab’s proven GreenFumeHood filter technology now in use at several R&D and university laboratories eliminates atmospheric pollution from the exhaust of traditional fume hoods, reduces building infrastructure and dramatically reduces energy consumption costs through the use of recirculated air utilizing the patented Neutrodine filters in place of traditional carbon filters. Complete user safety and assurance is provided via reliable breakthrough detection sensors and a communications package which offers local and remote operational status of the hood via BACnet or IP protocols.
 “The inherent user protection of Erlab’s GreenFumeHood Technology is a natural fit with Labconco’s fume hood superstructure. This partnership will offer Labconco customers substantial reduction in infrastructure costs, unparalleled safety, and exceptional energy savings during the life of the laboratory,” said Kenneth Crooks, Director of GreenFumeHood Technology at Erlab.
“Erlab is the trusted brand for laboratory-grade filtration and this is a significant event. Integrating the most advanced molecular filtration available with our Protector® fume hoods will offer an alternative means of protection for our customers and attain energy savings,” says Tom Schwaller. 
With this innovative integrated approach, Labconco plans to announce the unveiling of this new filtered fume hood later in 2014.
Visit www.erlab.com to learn more about Erlab’s commitment to the safety of laboratory personnel.
About Erlab:
For over 40 years, Erlab’s passion is to focus on the research & development, design, and manufacturing of cutting-edge air filtration in the lab. As an innovator, Erlab is committed to safety, performance, energy efficiency and sustainability and has remained number one in the world for ductless fume hoods since 1968.
About Labconco
Founded in 1925, Labconco Corporation specializes in manufacturing quality ventilation equipment such as fume hoods and biosafety cabinets. With protection for the laboratory environment as the basis of its product development efforts, Labconco strives to design products that use less energy while maintaining the highest standards in performance.
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