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Air filtration for the protection
of laboratory personnel
Erlab Halo laboratory-grade air filtration system
Once again, Erlab breaks the status quo by challenging high energy consumtion and the large carbon footprint of traditional high air change rates in laboratories

Rowley, MA (March 3, 2014) - Erlab does it again with a unique approach to solving the problem associated with costly high air change rates for the laboratory. By combining safety with energy savings, Halo is different than anything else you have seen before. Halo provides healthier air for your laboratory by safely capturing chemicals while saving energy. Utilizing the power of Erlab’s proprietary Neutrodine filtration technology, Halo is an air change alternative that provides safe reduction of air change rates while simultaneously improving the air quality of the lab.
Break the status quo of using more fresh air that requires complicated and expensive airflow control systems, air quality sensing systems, or building management systems programming. Halo filters the air 24/7, delivering equivalent air change rates and keeping you safe while saving you energy.
Because Halo is on the job 24/7 with its proven Neutrodine filtration technology, you are now able to keep the air quality high without wasting energy. Halo will continuously improve air quality in your laboratory by capturing and retaining a broad range of acids, bases and solvents.
Halo is simple and easily installs in the ceiling grid like other fixtures (lights, grills, etc).  Multiple units can be installed to increase the coverage area. LED lighting will pulse to communicate the detection and capture of fugitive emissions. When not detecting chemicals, Halo shows it is on the job 24/7 with a soft halo of light.
Erlab’s history of filtration expertise, independent testing , and proven superior filtration retention make the Halo air change alternative ideal for the labs of today and tomorrow. Visit booth #3735 to experience Halo.
Visit www.erlab.com to learn more about Erlab’s complete product line.
About Erlab:
For over 40 years, Erlab’s passion is to focus on the research & development, design, and manufacturing of cutting-edge air filtration in the lab. As an innovator, Erlab is committed to safety, performance, energy efficiency and sustainability and has remained number one in the world for ductless fume hoods since 1968.
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