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Legal mentions  
Ownership and editorial control
The present site is the property of Erlab DFS, a simplified joint stock company (société par actions simplifiée) with a capital of € 660,000, headquartered at Parc d’Affaires des Portes BP 403, 27104 Val de Reuil cedex, France, registered in the Trade and Companies Registry (Registre du Commerce et des Sociétés) of the city of Evreux under SIRET number 667 250 096 000 43. The publication director of the present website is Mr. Stéphane Hauville, in his capacity as President of the company. This site is also designed to promote other companies directly or indirectly linked to the ERLAB Group, namely Erlab, Inc. (USA), Kunshan Erlab DFS Co. Ltd. (China), Erlab SL (Spain), and Erlab Asia Sdn Bhd (Malaysia).
The service provider responsible for hosting the site is the company Des Pixel et Des Hommes, located at 66 bis, Avenue du Maréchal de Lattre de Tassigny, 94410 Saint-Maurice, France.
Declaration of the site to the CNIL
In accordance with the provisions of France’s Data Protection and Privacy Act (Law N° 78-17 of January 6, 1978), a declaration was filed with the Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés (i.e., the CNIL, France's data protection administration) regarding the automatic processing of personal data via this website.
Personal data
Pursuant to France’s Data Protection and Privacy Act (Law N° 78-17 of 01/06/1978), as modified by Law 2004-801 of 08/06/2004, you have the right to object to, access, correct, or remove data that pertains to you. Therefore, you may contact us in order to correct, add to, update, or remove any personal information that is incorrect, incomplete, erroneous, out-of-date, or for which the collection, use, communication, or storage is prohibited. You may contact us either by sending an email to webmaster@erlab.net, or by calling us at +33 2 32 09 55 80.
Your personal information will only be used by the Erlab Group. We do not transmit this information to anyone else. Job opportunities section: In the event that an applicant’s application is rejected, the applicant authorizes Erlab as well as its subsidiaries to save this personal data for a period of one year beginning on the date on which the applicant registered on Erlab's website. At the end of this period, the data in question shall be destroyed without informing said applicant. The personal data collected shall not be disseminated except for within the Erlab Group.
Information regarding automatic data processing
Erlab’s IT manager is in charge of data processing. The purpose of the automatic data processing performed via the web site is as follows:
Contact info: to provide clients or prospective clients with the information they desire, to follow-up with these clients if they show interest in our products.
Valiquest questionnaire: to assess the possibility of providing clients with a product that meets their needs.
Energy savings calculator: to inform clients of the energy savings that they can expect by purchasing one of our products.
Job applications: to evaluate the qualifications of applicants and be able to contact them.
Fields marked with an asterisk are required.
Possible consequences of a blank field:
Job opportunities section
A question left unanswered may have the following consequences:
- Your application will be incorrectly routed if parts 1 and 2 are not properly completed.
- Erlab will not be able to contact you if part 3 (contact info) is not properly completed.
- Erlab will not be able to evaluate your qualifications if information is not provided in part 4 and if a CV is not submitted in part 5.
Contact info section
 A question left unanswered may have the following consequences:
- Erlab will not be able to send you the requested documents.
- Erlab may send you incomplete or inappropriate documentation.
- Erlab will not be able to contact you to clarify your requests.
Valiquest questionnaire section
A question left unanswered may have the following consequences:
- The response provided will meet your needs only partially or not at all.
- The response provided will be ill-suited to your needs.
- Erlab will be unable to commit itself to your proper safety.
- Erlab will not be able to contact you to clarify your needs.
Energy savings calculator section
A question left unanswered may have the following consequences:
- Erlab will not be able to provide you with a response.
- An incorrect response will be sent to you.
The recipients of the information collected are as follows: contact info - Erlab’s sales department; Valiquest questionnaire & energy savings calculator – laboratory; job applications - human resources department.
All or part of the data collected on this website may be transferred outside the European Union, but only to the sales or laboratory departments of the other companies within the Erlab Group (in the USA, China, or Malaysia), in accordance with the rights granted by the French Data Protection and Privacy Act. Automatic data processing serves the same purpose as that mentioned above. Data is transferred outside the European Union to the United States, which offers a sufficient level of protection in accordance with Article 68 of the Data Protection Act (see the official decision by the European Commission on May 28, 2004), or to China and Malaysia, but only when necessary for the performance of a commercial contract or for pre-contractual dealings at the request of the party in question (exception set forth in Article 68 of the Data Protection Act). If any personal data collected is intended to later be transferred, it may only be transferred within a 15-day period following receipt by the party in question of the information below.
 If you wish to be excluded from any type of business development activities, send an email to webmaster@erlab.net
Users are informed that a cookie may automatically be installed on their web browser when visiting the site. A cookie does not allow the user to be identified but records information related to how the user navigates the website. Users may deactivate this cookie using their browser settings. This site’s cookies are used only to allow or improve e-marketing efforts.
Intellectual property
The web site and its general structure, including the text, animations, static images, know-how, drawings, graphics, and any other element comprising the site, as well as trademarks are the exclusive property of Erlab, regardless of whether or not they have been registered with an intellectual property office. Any violation of Erlab’s intellectual property rights will be grounds for legal action.
 The information on the services and their characteristics was correct at the time that it was published online or at the time that the various web pages were updated; this information is provided only as a reference and may not be considered binding.