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Experts in air filtration for the protection
of laboratory personnel since 1968
Chemtrap H402 & V201 Smart
Standalone filtration unit
for fire proof and
chemical storage cabinets

Combine fire safety and protection from inhalation of noxious chemicals for
High - Low - Underbench
Fire proof and Chemical Storage Cabinets
Chemtrap H402 Smart - for high and low fire proof and chemical storage cabinets - and Chemptrap V201 Smart - for underbech fireproof and chemical storage cabinets - filter the air from the internal chamber of a storage cabinet, capture noxious fumes right at the source and return clean air back into the laboratory while contributing to a purer and safer working environment. Designed as a standalone system with no need for ducting, it is equipped with an adjustable flexible hose for an easy connection to the exhaust of your existing cabinet.
Equipped with the highest efficiency filtration system, Chemtrap H402 Smart and Chemptrap V201 Smart now integrate an innovative and straightforward mode of communication called Smart Technology. This technology uses simple light and sound alerts to show that the unit is operating safely so you can focus your attention on what is most important: your work.
Demande de devis

le meilleur de la qualité de filtration   Une puissante  interface de  communication   Une puissante  interface de  communication   Connectez votre appareil   Connectez votre appareil
Filtration   Simple to use   Safety   Connectivity   Compatibility
Demand the best fifiltration quality.
Easy to install and to replace fifilters.
A powerful communication interface via light pulses and sounds to enhance safety.
Connect your device and monitor its use remotely via our mobile solutions.
Compatible with fifire proof and other storage cabinets.
Erlab’s unique filtration system connected to the fire proof or chemical storage cabinet can be adapted to filter gases, chemicals fumes and particles keeping the user and the lab protected by safely and efficiently cleaning the air of the room from hazardous vapors or odors.
New optional sensors for the monitoring of filter performance can be added for the detection of solvents or acids or formaldehyde.
SMART technology embedded into each Chemtrap H402 and Chemtrap V201 filtration unit informs users about their protection using light and sound.Light and sound pulses give real time information about: 
    ••  Filter alarm
    ••• Fan alarm
eGuard App, as an additional safety feature, gives you remote control to monitor your Chemtrap, change the settings, and delivers safety alerts immediately to your mobile, tablet or PC device.
Healthier, cleaner air in your laboratory

SMART be informed

The connectivity of Chemtrap Smart allows you, by downloading eGuard App, to monitor all your safety parameters remotely.
  • Stay in touch wherever you are
  • Make the most of an exclusive warranty program
  • Receive customized usage reports
Application eguard APP
eGuard App Smartphone PC  

Simple, intuitive safety communication by light and sound pulsations show the status of the unit.
2/ Mute alarm button
3/ Ethernet port for remote safety monitoring.
4/ Automatic filter performance alarm.
5/ Hydraulic pistons for fast filter housing access.
6/ Erlab’s unique flex filtration technology allows combination of carbon and HEPA filters for filtration of gases and particles.
7/ 4 possibilities to connect to the storage cabinet: left, right, back (connections with a flexible hose), or direct connection from the bottom
8/ Handles for easy transport and installations

Model description


External width (mm / in)

482 / 19
245 / 95/8

External depth (mm / in)

451 / 173/4
554 / 213/4

External height (mm / in)

326/ 123/8 632 / 247/8

Air flow (m3/h / CFM)

60 m3/h / 35 CFM 35 m3/h - 21 CFM
Safety Standards
Filtration performances tested according to the
AFNOR NF X 15-211:2009 standard : France EN 1822: 1998 (HEPA H14) -
CE Marking EN 61010

Voltage / Frequency (V/Hz)

110 - 230 V / 50 - 60 Hz

Power consumption (Watts)

20 15

Flexible PVC pipe (meter / feet)

1 m / 3’ 1’’

PVC fitting

∅ 50 to 100 mm / 2 to 4 in



Smart Technology

Simple communication by LED pulsation system: fan alarm, optional filter performance alarm

App for remote control to monitor the chemical storage cabinet, change settings
and deliver safety alerts immediately to your devices (mobile, tablet and PC)

RJ45 cable connection
Chemical Listing

List of approved chemicals


Carbon filtration for gases and vapors

AS : For organic vapors -
BE+ : For organic and acid vapors F : For formaldehyde vapors -
K : For ammonia vapors

Particulate filtration for powders

HEPA H14 : 99.995 % filtration efficiency according EN1822 standard

Optional molecode gas sensors

Detection sensor:
Type A, for acids / Type F, for formaldehyde / Type S, for solvents



Metallic parts

Anti-corrosion steel coated with 100% polyester

Filtration module

Injected polypropylene