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Experts in air filtration for the protection
of laboratory personnel since 1968
Ductless filtering storage cabinet
designed to store your chemicals safety
  Your chemicals at your fingertips,
without pollution of your work environment
Designed to store a wide variety of reagents used in the laboratory, our vented filtering storage cabinets reduce the inhalation risks associated with the concentration of vapours into the lab environment.
Since they are ductless, our cabinets do not release any pollutants into the atmosphere and may be installed near the work station. The recirculation of filtered air also allow our cabinets to purify the laboratory ambient air.
Designed for all storage requirements, all areas, and all different reagent types, our cabinets are the right solution for any laboratory where many flasks and bottles pollute the lab environment and take too much space.
  • Modular filtration technology suitable for any storage configuration
  • Very quiet ventilation system
  • Elimination of harmful, odorous vapours
  • High resistance to corrosion
  • Lockable storage solution
  • Very simple and quick commissioning; shipped flat + tool - free mounting
  • Storage capacity 48 liters
L'étagère filtrante Captair Shelf EF_802_A
L'étagère filtrante Captair Shelf EF_802_A L'étagère filtrante Captair Shelf EF_802_B L'étagère filtrante Captair Shelf EF_802_C
Ministore 822 A Ministore 822 B Ministore 822 C Ministore 822 D
To be placed on a work surface
On legs, to be placed on a work surface
To be wall-mounted
To be placed underbench

Technical specifications 

 External dimensions
Width (mm)  820
Depth (mm)  350
 Height (mm)  730
 Metallic parts  Anti-corrosion steel coated with 100% polyester
 Door Synthetic glass 8 mm
Filtration module Injected polypropylene 
Number of filter  1
Number of fan  1
 Air flow  75 m3/h
Storage capacity  48 liters
 Voltage / Frequency  230V / 50 Hz
 Power consumption 20 Watts
Types of filters available
 AS  Organic vapours
BE  Organic vapours and acids
 F  Formaldehyde vapours
K Ammonia vapours
HP Powders 


Standard equipements

Lock For a secure access to chemicals
Retention tray volume 2 x 1 liter, spill tray included
Shelves 2 height adjustable shelves and 2 fixed