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eGuard App eGuard App eGuard App eGuard App eGuard App
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eGuard App enhances your safety

The connectivity of Captair Smart fume hoods allows you, by downloading eGuard App, to monitor all your safety parameters remotely.
Application eguard APP

Designed for all operating conditions

Usage Condition Network cable connection Connected internet 
(via 3G/4G network)
Connected to the Internet 
and/or local network
1 PC + 1 cable
1 Apple or Android 
1 PC connected to the web or to a local network
Consulting usage data
Setting the parameters
Consulting multi-device usage data
Accessing history
Downloading history
Managing all the devices
Multi-user management
Receiving usage reports

Exclusive services and warranties*

When you register your product and start using eGuard App, you will benefit from the exclusive Erlab warranties*.
(* Subject to compliance with operating conditions)
Life time warranty   experts monitor   usage reports
Get a warranty of up to 10 years 
Our experts monitor your device throughout its life cycle 
Receive customized usage reports