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Experts in air filtration for the protection
of laboratory personnel since 1968
Captair Smart
(Patent Pending)
Filtering storage cabinets
 Simpler to use, Safer to operate
Erlab’s 50 years of expertise in research, design and manufacturing of filtered storage cabinets guarantee superior filtration to keep you protected when storing your chemicals.
Erlab's Captair Smart ductless filtering storage cabinets provide a steady flow of air through the cabinet, capturing hazardous vapors in the filters, and returns clean air back to the room.
Benefits of an Erlab  filtered storage cabinet:
  • Eliminate inhalation of noxious or hazardous vapors when opening the cabinet
  • Continuously purify the laboratory air
  • Requires no connection to HVAC, so your chemicals can be placed where you need them
  • Designed with separate compartments to accommodate multiple types of chemicals

  • Spill-proof trays

  • See-through, locking doors for easy viewing
  • 3 models to choose from: bench top, wall mount, or floor standing
Each cabinet is equipped with Smart Technology:  a simple and innovative way to let you know that you are safe. Smart-Light allows you to quickly see that the cabinet is operating safely so you can focus your attention on what is most important: your work.
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le meilleur de la qualité de filtration   Une puissante  interface de  communication   Une puissante  interface de  communication   Connectez votre appareil
The most advanced fitration   Simple to use   Safe   Connectivity


le meilleur de la qualité de filtration

Superior air filtration performance

Erlab's products feature the BE+ filter, the most advanced molecular filtration technology available. Multiple chemical types can be adsorbed at the same time, so you are no longer limited to application-specific filters or the inability to adapt to new lab processes.
Safety is our first priority: Filtration and containement performance cmplay with the AFNOR NFX 15-211 standard (Class 1 and 2).

Une puissante  interface de  communication

Activate the power of the Smart technology

Each unit comes with Smart TechnologyTM – an exclusive set of tools that is comprised of smart-light communicationTM, chemical sensors, real-time status, and the eGuard app.
Smart-light communication is a soft band of light on the unit that lets you know the unit is operating safely. The band of light will slowly pulse to let you know if the air flow is compromised, there is a fan failure, or there is filter breakthrough.
 Door is ajar    Filter breakthrough   Fan Failure

Enhance your user experience with eGuard APP

With eGuard App, the device can be used and controlled remotely. The device's connectivity allows you to receive safety alerts in real time via your mobile, tablet or PC.

Welcome to a safer connected world

The connectivity of Captair Smart filtering fume hoods helps monitor one or several devices remotely. Once you have registered your product on line, you can use eGuard App and:      
  • Receive safety alerts,
  • View your usage statistics,
  • Enhance your experience via customized reports

Exclusive services and warranties*

When you register your product and start using eGuard App, you will benefit from the exclusive Erlab warranties*.
(* Subject to compliance with operating conditions)
Get a warranty of up to 10 years  
Our experts monitor your device throughout its life cycle  
Receive customized usage reports 

Designed for all operating conditions

Usage conditions
Network cable connection (Ethernet RJ45) direct to PC
to the Web
Connected to the Web
and/or local network
Required conditions
1 PC + 1 cable
1 Apple or Android Smartphone
1 PC connected to the Web and/or to a local network
Consulting usage data
Setting the parameters
Consulting multi-device usage data
Accessing history
Downloading history
Managing all the devices
Multi-user management
Receiving usage reports
Nouvelle armoire captair Smart
Erlab’s innovative technology keeps you safe 

Erlab’s unique Flex Filtration can manage most lab applications
Simple, intuitive communication by light shows the status of the hood
 Sensors to detect filter saturation
Sensors alert the user if the door is left open
Clear doors for easy viewing
Safe, easy access to your chemicals with adjustable spill-proof shelves, pull-out vertical shelves, large volume drawers.
Locking doors for added security
consommation energetique - 45 W
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eGuard App

eGuard App enhances your safety

The connectivity of Captair Smart fume hoods allows you, by downloading eGuard App, to monitor all your safety parameters remotely.
Application eguard APP

Download eGuard APP

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Energy consumption
 Ext. dimensions Data Sheet Quote
Captair 822 Smart 
Captair 822 Smart
consommation energetique - 35 W
Inches (LxDxH)
25 5/8
22 7/8
29 3/4
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Millimeters (LxDxH)
650 mm
580 mm
760 mm

Captair 832 Smart 
Captair 832 Smart
consommation energetique - 35 W
Inches (LxDxH)
35 3/8
19 3/4
80 3/4
go to
Millimeters (LxDxH)
900 mm
500 mm
2050 mm

Captair 834 Smart
Captair 834 Smart
consommation energetique - 45 W
Inches (LxDxH)
35 3/8
19 3/4
83 1/4
 go to
Millimeters (LxDxH)
900 mm
500 mm
2115 mm

Captair 1634 Smart
Captair 1634 Smart
consommation energetique - 45 W
Inches (LxDxH)
70 7/8
19 3/4
83 1/4
go to
Millimeters (LxDxH)
1800 mm
500 mm
2115 mm
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